Bruiser bar bag {Giveaway}


Waaaay, way, way, way back when, I tested the paper pieced sunrise clutch for Sara at Sew Sweetness. I hadn't ever done paper piecing before and it was with some trepidation that I embarked on this project. I may also have gotten on first name terms with my seam ripper, isn't that right Rip?

Anyway, once I'd worked out that I should follow the instructions and not presume I knew what I was doing after one side this is the bag I ended up with. It's really lovely, and the construction of it makes it look really professional.

I could NOT get my head around inserting that bag base but I asked my pattern testers and thanks to them (especially you Nicole, thank you) I worked it out. Sometimes I wonder if even with someone showing me, I'd get how to do things until I understand them. I blame it on lack of chocolate.

Anyway, so I used all stash fabrics (again) and it reminds me of a bruiser bar. Remember them? They've made a revival but in shiny new packaging.

Anyway. So I made it and it's lovely and all, but I don't use clutch bags so I've asked if Sara would like to give it away. So she is!

For your chance to win this clutch bag, and a copy of each of my PDF patterns, pop over to Sara's blog, Sew Sweetness and enter.

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  1. I am on my way over! Do we get a Bruiser bar too? :-) BTW, that is a beautiful clutch and you did a superb job, even if Rip helped. lol (I know Rip personally too)

  2. Your clutch is so pretty! You do sew up an awesome bag, dear girl!!

    I call my ripper Cruella DeRipper


  3. Love your clutch Samantha and how generous of you to giveaway a copy of all your patterns. I've just posted about it to my blog.

  4. Love everything about this clutch...How sweet of you to give it away, Thank you!!!

  5. Love it! Cool bag and nice to give it away.... I give away most of the bags that I make too 'cause I love making them but just can;t use that many bags. Apparently that means I am a failure as a girl in the not hoarding and using a different bag every other day ... really it's just cause I can't be bothered moving all my stuff from one bag to another.
    How are things between you and Rip now? I named mine froggy or sometimes Kermit.... cause I rippit, rippit, rippit.


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