February re-cap


Spring seems to be sneaking in now and today it's bright and sunny. In theory then I should be launching my new pattern today but I'm not, I didn't finish it yet. I see it that I'm helping us all work on our patience.

Seeing as it's March now I thought it'd be a good time to recap my goals for the year and add a few more. Here's the list from February.

*Buy a house - Still waiting on a completion date but I suspect it'll be the end of March. Then begins the redecorating and rewiring and pulling up carpets etc. Joy. 
*Write everyone's birthdays onto our calendar and send them a birthday card! (I am awful at this, such a simple, easy thing!) -So far so good....
*Eat at the dinner table once a week and converse with Dusband rather than watching the telly every night - Nope, we did this twice this month though.
*Resume reading my Bible over breakfast rather than randomly - No, I'm still on the randoms!
*Stop wasting so much time on Pinterest! -Yup, I'm just browsing it while Dus is watching boring ninja programmes on the telly.

*Scan the family's photos onto the computer. Yes, all 4000(approx) of them - One album down, 30 odd to go!

What I wore, possibly not a Sunday.

*Stashbust a huge amount of fabric - Made some wonky placemats, two handbags and not a lot else. It's been a quiet month creating-wise!

*Cut down on paper clutter - We have hardly any come through the door now and as I begin packing I hope to cut down a lot more.
*Clear out old DVDs - Done.
*Clear out old books - Done. Still not blogged about it showing you proof, I'll try to do that this month.
*Organise Christmas decs & wrapping - Done
*Sort out regular wrapping & cards - Done with above
*Start packing

*Write two patterns for freebie blog posts - One down, one to go
*Write three new bag patterns for sale (eek!) - One nearly done
*Make two blouses for Liz (that she asked me for in September) - Not yet
*Shorten white blouse - No, the simplest thing on the list and not even started yet
*Patchwork upholstery - Nope
*Get my pj quilt quilted!!! - It's with the quilter now
*Have serger serviced and change knives -Changed the knives but waiting for a service til I go near them as it's a long way for a special trip 
*Clear out old stock/samples - 50p sale for my old stock, not much left now.
* Shorten neck on my 'perfect housewife apron' (New goal) - Done, not blogged about yet
*Make Pamela (church treasurer) a document wallet that she asked for
*Make some lavender bags using lavender from the garden
*Fix black macramé bag
*Make a thread catcher

Crafty bits & Business:
*Re-do Liz's two small chairs - Done
*Sand drawer fronts and paint - Done (my grey drawers)
*Photograph and list new triglides

*Try one new recipe a month and blog about it - FAIL, Still nothing.
*Eat less chocolate (This is a biggie but if I don't want to end up with diabetes I need to do something drastic soon!) - I went off it when I was suffering with my morning sickness but now I'm back to normal I'm fully back on the wagon. Do really need to cut back...
*Eat more nuts - No nuts this month yet.
*Stock the freezer with 'ready meals' ready for when youth group starts up again and we're not eating til 9pm. -Impossible, I've been able to fit a few into our tiny freezer but I think we'll have to get a separate freezer when we've got space. (and funds!)

*Ha ha! Yeah, maybe next year..... - Still no exercise done except my chopsing.

This month I'm looking forward to receiving my covert robin partner (anyone else still waiting on theirs?) and getting some packing done. We'll have to spend a few weeks getting works done on the new house before we move and it's knowing this that is causing me to just not start packing. I hate moving and I'm sorely tempted to round up the local hooligans and pay them to do it for me. Bonuses if they don't break anything!

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  1. Goodness your list is so long!!!!!!!!!! Good luck trying to keep up

  2. What a cute pic of you!

    I received my covert robin partner yesterday. You still waiting??

  3. What a little cutie in the pic.
    I'd love to her more about the house project. Is it a new build? How does re-wiring and ripping up carpets fit in if it is a new build?

    You are making good progress on your list of goals... as well as adding a few more to the list. Isn't it a nice feeling when you can add a goal and cross it off shortly afterwards. It is inspiring me to keep progressing wiht mine too.

  4. Good progress. You made a good job here.




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