The perfect housewife (apron)


Last January, Dus bought me a very kind 2nd Wedding anniversary gift. It was made from cotton as the law decrees. It was an apron. A perfect housewife apron. He's a cutie eh? If only I could work out whether he purchased it seriously or sarcasticly. (I don't think sarcasticly is a word....should I have gone for ironically?)

I'm a petite lady, barely 5ft 1.5" tall. I found I wasn't really wearing this apron too often because it hung so low on me. It doesn't look low, but it felt really low. Here's a before pic.

 So I pinched the top neck strap together when I was wearing it so that it was an acceptable height and popped a pin in. I didn't mind about being able to get it back off my head as I would be using buttons so could open it up.

 Next I cut the neck strap on the centre fold line and marked where my button and button holes would need to go.

 Then I delved into my stash and wouldn't you know it, I had some pale pink bias binding. Someone must have given it to me because I don't remember buying it. Wohoo for stashbusting!

 Using my Hemline glue pen I glued the binding over the neck strap end.

And then stitched it as wonkily as I could. Well done me.

Then, using the mark I'd made before, I sewed three button holes, opened them up and stitched some buttons onto the other neck strap. Pink, to make the boys wink.

Look how nicely they match the front design? Almost as though it was meant to be.

Here I am in my apron afterwards when I don't feel like the front is flooping around all over the place. I was going to cut my head off, but I look so happy in the apron now I had to keep it.

Here's the apron from the back now.

 Those of you who are eagle eyed will have noticed that it's taken me well over a year to alter something that was clearly bothering me. It took me half an hour. That's all I have to say on that matter.

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  1. I like the added button detailing; practical and gives some subtle "weight" to the overall apron.
    Yup, that does sound a little over-the-top, but i'm being quite serious.


  2. adorable! and you'll be pleased to know that "sarcastically" is in fact a word ;)

  3. "And then stitched it as wonkily as I could. Well done me." LOL, love it!
    Glad you didn't cut your head off, you look so cute with it on! :o)

  4. Cute Apron ...and the person wearing it but i am not sure if the title fits
    .....Perfect housewife ??? LOL

  5. Samantha, I'm so glad you didn't cut your head off. It's pretty drastic just because an apron doesn't fit. lol

    and you're so SMART and CUTE!! ♥♥ Love that apron.

  6. I think it just took a year for you to find some pink buttons to use, from your huge-gantic button stash !!
    Very cute!


  7. It's a cute apron! :D Somehow the neck strap of aprons always seem too long...a button-up strap would be so much better! The modification you did on yours looks totally cute, and hurrah for stitching wonkily! lol

  8. Perhaps Dus had his tongue planted in his cheek...
    It really would have been a pity to chop of such a perfectly functional head... and that cute little fan that your hair does at the back hairline would get all messed up.
    Ha, it only took a year of it annoying before you did something about it ... oh girl you must be the impatient kind ;) only a year....

    1. the way the apron is cute and waaaaay to clean. Go mess it up some.

  9. you're 5foot 1 and a HALF. You are a giant - don't wear heels if we ever meet, I'm only 5foot 1.

    Great work on the pinny. I don't own one but then I'm FAR from the perfect housewife...


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