April Re-cap


Ok, it's a new quarter, I've taken off the tasks I completed last quarter so hopefully the list will be a bit easier to read through!

New tasks are in red :)

*Write everyone's birthdays onto our calendar and send them a birthday card! (I am awful at this, such a simple, easy thing!) -Going well but I missed one gent from church when I wasn't very well. I'm going to let that one go though rather than give him a card 3 weeks late!
*Eat at the dinner table once a week and converse with Dusband rather than watching the telly every night - Twice this month!
*Resume reading my Bible over breakfast rather than randomly - No, I'm still on the randoms!
*Stop wasting so much time on Pinterest! -I've gotten worse at this, I haven't read before bed at all since moving in, instead choosing to browse pinterest which doesn't take so much brain power!

*Scan the family's photos onto the computer. Yes, all 4000(approx) of them - Three album down, 25 ish to go!
*Stashbust a huge amount of fabric - Made one small jewellery pouch this month, I forgot to take photos so you'll have to take my word for it!
*Cut down on paper clutter - I've got a pile. A massive pile of paperwork that needs doing/sorting and accounts that need setting up!
* Set up a baking cupboard in the kitchen
*Organise wardrobes

*Write two patterns for freebie blog posts - One down, one to go 
*Write three new bag patterns for sale (eek!) - One down, two to go
*Make two blouses for Liz (that she asked me for in September) - Not yet.
*Patchwork upholstery - Nope
*Have serger serviced and change knives -Changed the knives but waiting for a service til I go near them as it's a long way for a special trip 
*Clear out old stock/samples - The shop I had my stock displayed in closed down so now I'm left with a suitcase of stock, I'll let you know when it's re-listed!
*Make a thread catcher - Not yet
*Curtains for the basement dining room - Nope, I bought some instead. Lazy huh?

Crafty bits & Business:
*Make a cutting table

*Try one new recipe a month and blog about it - FAIL, Still nothing.
*Eat less chocolate (This is a biggie but if I don't want to end up with diabetes I need to do something drastic soon!) - No....if anything I'm eating more!
*Eat more nuts - No nuts this month yet. - One of my friends suggested I eat chocolate with nuts in. She's genius!
*Stock the freezer with 'ready meals' ready for when youth group starts up again and we're not eating til 9pm. - We bought a new big freezer, and I've got a few ready made sauces in there but still more to do!

*Ha ha! Yeah, maybe next year..... - Still no exercise done.

*Buy a new bed for our bedroom - Done, I'll show you it one day
*Restain the spare bed
*Recover the blanket box
*Sand and paint the bedside tables for our bedroom
*Make curtains for our bedroom - Bought some, hopefully they'll arrive soon!
*Recover armchair
*Recover sofa
*Paint or stain the living room table
*Buy a dresser or sideboard for the dining room - Done, I'll show you this next month
* Paint the office floor
* Living room curtains
* Living room rug
*Finish painting the basement

So there we go, another mammoth list!!

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  1. Are you adding to the list quicker than you can cross items off? It sometimes feels that way and that can very quickly become exhausting. You are doing really well at your lists.

  2. Can vouch for the jewellery pouch. It was for my birthday, it's in my favourite colour and I love it! Thanks Sam! xx


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