Fiona's 50 Shades of Lapin Noir


Back in June I instagramed a photo of me in the chains and ropes aisle. There were lots of comments about 50 shades of grey, but really, it was just for a new bag that I tested for Sara @ Sew Sweetness.

The Lapin Noir bag.

Words cannot express how much I love this bag. Until you make one yourself you may not ever understand just how gorgeous/practical/stylish this bag is. Go and make one. NOW. (Yes, that's an order, yes, I'm very bossy!)

I chose to make mine from faux ostrich skin and some more of that green paisley...don't worry, it's nearly all gone now!

Because of the ostrich skin, I didn't do the accent panel on the bottom, I taped the pattern pieces together and omitted that and the outside pockets. This was my first time with vinyl and I'm no Maria, I can't handle that many complications with vinyl!!

In fact, it was my first time sewing with faux leather/vinyl/ostrich skin! My walking foot smacked my Teflon foot's bottom...but my Teflon foot made farty noises which amused me no end!

This would be great if I was holding something in that weird hand, right?

Unfolded this bag is the perfect size for an A4 folder. Probably my laptop too, but I won't try it, I don't trust my handstitching that much!

I've been pinning bags in this style for a while now, thinking they'd make a great casual, stylish bag. I was going to make a pattern...hurrah for not having to!

The only thing I wish I'd done differently is to make the top tabs brown as a greater contrast from the short handles.

I got Dus to tighten up my knots on the rope handles just to make sure they didn't come undone!

For once friends, this bag is mine, I'm not giving it away. Sorry and all that...go make your own!

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  1. I really like the look of this bag. How is it foaccessing it on the go? I have often wondered about how it works for accessing it on the go with the fold-over top bags. Does having both sides folded over make it harder for the wearer to access as well as stray hands?

  2. I love this bag and really like that faux ostrich skin. My advise is buy an industrial sewing machine if you want to sew pleather/vinyl easily. Mine is wonderful and works like a dream now. I'm hoping to make one in pleather now I've seen yours but first I have an order to make one in a paisley fabric and the lady wanted it like yours, all one piece rather than a different coloured bottom. This design is a winner.

  3. I was wondering about the 50 Shades of gray comment :-)
    I spend more time in the hardware stores then my Hubby..we sewers always find cool stuff there.
    I love the look of the faux Ostrich skin ...I got a piece in pink for my birthday..maybe thats what I'll use it for.
    Love your bag!

  4. Love your bag,,,and your post!! LOL

  5. I love it! I might have questions about sewing with the faux leather at some point. I'm planning an aeroplane bag using it. :)

  6. Great bag!!! Aren't you brave to try the faux ostrich!!!
    It turned out like you.... gorgeous and fun!!!


  7. awesome job! I really like this style of bag too.. I actually attempted making one last summer.. Those cord handles had me cursing as I tried to figure out the best way.

    I love the faux ostrich, need to get my hands on some!

  8. Love this Samantha! Well done! I HATE sewing with this type of stuff myself BUT usually the end results are worth the efforts! I too had been planning to make one of these style bag patterns BUT.....well.....Sara has done such a great job I don't think I will bother! LOLLL
    hey....don't forget to link it up to the Bag Brag Tuesday linking party!!
    ChrisW Designs

  9. Damn! why didn't I read this before going to Hobbycraft to try to buy very thick piping cord... It was rope I needed. Nice bag by the way!

  10. Nice job! I tested this bag for Sara as well, I totally agree with you on how gorgeous it is! It think it is my favorite sew sweetness pattern so far ;-)

  11. Nice beg!!!
    Thanks for sharing please keep sharing more :-)
    50 Shades Movie


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