Purse YOUlooza!


That title sounded better in my head.

So the reviews are over for the Purse Palooza over on Sew Sweetness, and now it's time for you to enter the bags you've made. I can't see one linked up from one of my patterns, and we all know it's a competition now between designers to have their pattern be one of the winning bags so I've decided that drastic measures will have to be taken.

Sew Sweetness

For 50% off any of the patterns in my etsy store, use code YOULOOZA, make up your bag and then enter into the purse palooza before 11th November.

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  1. Wow! How generous of you! I'll visit your etsy store right away. But then the pressure of making you proud is on. Well, at least your patterns will be represented.


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