Herod's Shoulder cape & full outfit pics


Although I'm sad that the production is over now, I'm jolly glad that it's time for a rest!

Today I've got the photos for you of the construction of Herod's shoulder cape and then the photos of his whole outfit on him.

First off, one of the ladies in the sewing group, Gill, did some complicated calculations and came up with 8 wedges that were then sewn together. Once again we used the purple poly velvet from Minerva Crafts UK and interfaced it to stop the edges rolling under.

Isn't it a gorgeous rich colour?!

Once the wedges were all sewn together, I laid it on top of some Insul-Bright and cut out a corresponding piece. I could have used batting, but I had Insul-Bright and after my pot holders gave me warm hands, I wasn't going to use it for more pot holders in a hurry!

I stitched the Insul-bright to the velvet along the wedges so that it wouldn't be noticed really from the right side. As it is, I've learnt this week a lot of things can go un-noticed on stage!

Next to help the hem stick out in a pleasingly stiffened way, I stitched some horsehair braid around the base, leaving the seam allowance at the bottom. This doesn't notice from right sides out either!

Stitching keeping the horsehair braid on
 It wasn't quite stiff enough, so I added 6 pieces of plastic boning (I only had black!) along the front three seams on either side of the opening. On reflection, the front one should have been moved back the seam allowance!

Then I laid it out on some of the gold taffeta from Herod's main dress and cut out a corresponding piece. They were stitched right sides together with a gap left along the edge.

Once it was pressed and the turning gap closed, I sketched out where his beaded collar would fall in chalk and then drew a geometric design. It took me forever to try and work out what embellishment to put on this, but the geometric design was really stunning when it was done, it was the perfect solution.

I stitched on some fairly thick old gold braid trim and added some velcro to fix the beaded collar onto it, and to keep it closed.

Here's Herod's whole outfit, in person!

We made him his belt, his cuffs, his necklace & his hat. These pics were taken in the dress rehearsal and since then more velcro was added to his cuffs, his belt had some chain added to the front and unfortunately we had to replace his necklace with a soft version as the shoulder cape was pulling it forward where it was digging into his neck.

The actors went down the steps into town between performances and really made a spectacle of themselves handing out leaflets!

Herod was played by Hywel Davies who proved to be an incredible actor, he was really so believable I had to keep reminding myself what a sweetie he was in real life!

Thanks again to Minerva Crafts UK for providing the bulk of the fabrics for Herod's costume, I'm sure it will see lots of use in the years to come!

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  1. I wish there was a video of the entire production, so those of us who couldn't get there could see it. The costumes are amazing and I know the production was, too!! Well done, and now REST!!

  2. Wow, it looks awesome! Really obvious that you put lots of work into it :)

  3. What a ton of work!! But well worth it - it makes even Herod look nicer. lol The whole outfit is absolutely gorgeous! Wish I could be there to see a performance. P.S. My Christmas crackers are sitting on my desk, just biding their time. Can't wait! :-)


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