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As part of my '14 word Challenge, I'm trying to grow myself & my business so I thought I'd best put up some handy dandy social media icons to make it easy for you to connect with me.

They're on the right there at the top and you can use them to follow me on Bloglovin', facebook, instagram, pinterest, and etsy. You can even e-mail me directly from the sidebar there!

They're hand-drawn by Lena from Snazzy Turtle Designs who I must tell you is an absolute angel when it comes to those of us who are not technologically minded...she customised them to my colour choice, and my social media...and then she installed them for me..all linked up fancy and everything! Thanks Lena!

So I want to connect with you, I'd love it if you liked my facebook page or followed me some other way.

(Can't load a photo onto my post, I was trying to work out what was wrong with my google account and now it's in a mood with me...sorry!)

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  1. Thanks so much Samantha, I'm glad you like them!

    - Lena

  2. I liked you via my nissaMade page, can't believe I didn't realize you had an fb page before!

  3. all this time I didn't know you were on fb,,,thanx for letting us know!!

  4. Thanks but I've been your stalker for ages now LOLLL

  5. I just liked your Facebook page and followed you on Pinterest!! Love being connected!

  6. ooooooo I am already connected to you via ALL of those social mediums... and I thought I was behind the times with the social media. I may have to revise that self image. Of course it could just mean that I am your stalker... nah just a fan.

  7. I already follow your blog and I follow you on IG. I've now liked your fb page but I don't really go on there much these days!


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