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March is well on it's way to becoming a little bit of spring so it's time to share with you the bags my testers made when checking my March bag of the month club pattern for me.

Once again they've proved themselves some of the best testers in the world and although I could only have a few, they made up for their small number by being very pernickity!

Let's start with the ever reliable Maria from Mia Creates.

She chose to quilt her outer fabric, doesn't it look great!

Next up is Sally from Life in Sally's world, isn't her fabric perfect for spring!

The 'convertible' part on the back
Next up is Susie from Susie's Sunroom who very helpfully made a very beautiful bag!

Finally, the last of my few testers on this pattern is Terri from A creative Princess.

I tried to blackmail Liz from Moments blog into testing for me too, but she just wasn't able to fit me in but a very special thank you to her for not punching me in the throat. :)

If you want the convertible bag pattern NOW! (well, as in the next couple of days) you can still sign up
to the Bag of the month club. The pattern will be available to buy once the club is over.

If you're still on the hunt for the hardware kit, they're back in stock now.

I'm loving seeing the versions popping up in the Flickr group!

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  1. Some really great bags, smashing pattern ;) (just really wanted to use the word "smashing")

  2. I love purses, and so love seeing your patterns and all the wonderful creations! These are great!

  3. LOL...Samantha...I would never punch you !! Especially in your condition ;-)
    As bad as I felt that I could not test for you this time ( darn hospital stay) but I knew you were well taken care off...after all you had the second best tester...Maria !!

    1. Hey cheeky LOLLLL next time I'll make a red polka dot bag and be the best LOLLL

  4. I think I'm going to give my bag to my mom, for her to carry her iPad in :) She's been wanting a bag for carrying her iPad and I think this would be perfect. Of course, she'll be able to carry so many other things, too, with all of the pockets and such. I wasn't sure how it would be to attach the thumb lock (or whatever it's called), but it really wasn't bad at all and came out great. Of course, I've decided I think to make myself a little photo area so that I don't have to take shoddy fence photos anymore :)

  5. did one of them check for inconsistent ampersands?

  6. No solo es bonito sino también práctico. FELICITACIONES!!!!

  7. are you taking orders yet? I love this bag!!!!!


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