Floral Asphalt Voile Maternity Washi Dress


If that title isn't a mouthful I don't know what is!

So the lovely Sara from Sew Sweetness sent me some Floral Asphalt in Voile from her new fabric line, Jungle Avenue.

I've never used voile before (apart from curtain voile which is completely different!) and I was amazed at how something so soft and buttery feeling, so lightweight could still be 100% cotton and sturdy enough to cut and sew with...without it being a pain in the neck! Let me tell you, this voile achieves all of that and more besides, the pattern printed on it is kinda cute too!

Here's what I made with it, a maternity Washi dress using the same edits as when I made my curtain Washi dress. I just made the nursing version with hidden invisible zip under the neckline bow.

I'm currently 32.5 weeks pregnant, 7.5 weeks to go!

I love everything about this dress, it's comfortable, keeps me cool and is so very soft to wear! The print is way brighter than anything I'd usually wear, but I love that it pushed me out of my comfort zone and I got so many compliments the first time I wore it, I'm sold on the fun, bright print!!

Without even trying I managed to get a big hot pink flower front and centre of my bump...how's that for hidden talent?

Yes, I do feel wide, why do you ask?
I'm so chuffed with this dress and so thankful to Sara for sending me some of this voile, I would recommend it to anyone! I've got a fair few scraps left and don't know what to do with them. If you can think of something, please comment below and I'll post them to you to carry on the Jungle Ave fever!

Oh, and in closing, here's how this dress makes me feel.....CRAZY!!

What would you be able to make with my scraps? They're not massive but there's some not too bad sized pieces.

Table is 150cm x 120cm (59" x 47")

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  1. A clutch if it's enough, if not then a scrappy clutch/wristlet.

  2. Looking good Samantha! A matching dress for the l'il one would be awesome

  3. I have no idea but HOW is it you are so far on, it only seems like yesterday you announced your pregnancy!

  4. You should make a Butterfly Sling purse from the Bag of the Month Club. I love mine and would be so easy for you to carry.

  5. Your dress looks fabulous !
    Is there enough fabric to make a tiny dress?? If not then a little purse?

  6. I think a dress for Elvis would be a good use of the scraps!! Very festive - you look fabulous!

  7. HI Samantha! The dress looks nice and cool and comfy! Lovely work! I would save it for doll clothes!

  8. ...meaning... I would save the scraps for doll clothes - that is!

  9. Still love that dress,especially the strategically placed pink flower ;).
    I have only used lawn for baby clothes and blouses as it tends to be a bit on the see-through side. This lawn doesn't look see through though.
    The left over bits would make a nice summer dress (perhaps for next year) for little Elvis as lawn is soooooo nice for little people. A little dress would look so good on a small person in such a bold print! Some mums don't dare to put their babies in bold prints or black - i think the black is a superstitious thing to do with death. I made matching dresses for my girls out of a print with a black background with lots of pink flowers. I was amazed by the comments I got. the dresses looked so cute and many people thought i was 'brave' to use a black print for toddlers. It didn't even cross my mind about weird thoughts of death - old superstitions tend to hang on even when there is no basis for them...
    long story - short baby dress with the scraps.


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