A duo of Convertible bags


I'm not very good at sewing the same thing over and over, I think that's why I like designing so much, I can have a lot of variety in life!

When my friend asked me for another two convertible bags to give as gifts I decided to batch sew them. Of course I hadn't thought about the fact that they'd use very different thread colours....oops!

The left is made with Kona Solids in Black and with a pocket of Mixteca organic cotton in the owl print from Cloud 9 fabrics.

The right is made with light zakka linen with a pocket of Cath Kidston roses.

I wouldn't recommend making a bag from linen...for future reference!

The linings each have one zipped pocket and one slip pocket as per the pattern.

I used Kona Cotton solids in Cyan for the lining of the black bag, and Cath Kidston roses for the lining of the linen bag.

I added 'handmade by Mrs H' satin labels into the pocket seams. I buy them on eBay from here.

As is usual for Convertible bags, they change from a shoulder or cross body bag to a small backpack easily.

If you'd like to make your own Convertible bag you can find the pattern on Patterns to Print.

I love these bags with solid outers and contrast pockets, it makes them easy to wear but still fun!

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  1. Lovely.. Yeah linen, looks great buy isn't very stable and needs lots of ironing...
    You must be just about out of your favourite Kath Kidston print by now... Unless you bough a whole bolt of it. 😉😜

  2. This is my favorite bag of yours. I've made 4 or 5 of them. People just love the flexibility of them.They are a very fun make.

  3. Very nice. Wish I could get to a place where something that small would hold all the junk I think I need to carry! LOL

  4. oooh! I love them both! I agree, though, that linen can be a bit fussy, especially for bags and I don't usually like to have to slow down and be fussy :)

  5. Beautiful !!! I love the black one


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