Catrin's Carpet Bag


My lovely doula Catrin asked me to make her a bag she could take to births, big enough to carry everything she could need. It just so happened that I was working on the Companion Carpet Bag pattern at the time, so offered to make her one of those.

The Companion Carpet Bag in Large

She chose a beautiful tapestry fabric from Turkey:

 From Turkey Via Mahzen

But when it arrived I had to send her a photo of the 'wrong' side because it was absolutely beautiful! As Catrin had originally asked for earthy colours I knew it would be perfect. Never under-estimate the 'wrong' side!

I used some cream piping to trim the front pocket which is fastened with one magnetic snap.
The handles are 71cm (28") brown leather from bag-clasps. Not cheap at £12.75 a pair, but the icing on the cake for this bag!

The frame channels are made from butterscotch coloured pleather (from my mother's stash so I can't recommend a supplier, sorry!)

As they are pleather they didn't need hemming or finishing off. Look how pretty the barrel covered spring hinges on the frame are! (You can buy the internal tubular frames from 3Dan)

These Companion Carpet bags open up nice and wide. Plenty of space to dip your hand in when you're in a hurry!

The pattern already contains instructions for the zipper pocket and also has instructions for a slip pocket. I added elasticated pockets though and will show you how to do this next week.

I used some antique brass coloured feet I got from Bobbin Girl although she's sold out now and wasn't able to get hold of any more. I love bag feet on a nice sturdy base!

I'm really looking forwards to seeing the versions as they're completed from Bag of the Club members, I can't stop making them myself!

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  1. OMG!!! that fabric is to die for. I've often used the wrong side of fabrics and this one is definitely nicer on the wrong side. I really love this bag and it's going to be so much fun seeing all the bags as they're made. Btw you're looking much slimmer.

  2. This bag is gorgeous, that fabric is amazing.

  3. I love this! Makes me wish I had more time on my hands, I'd love to make one!

  4. This is the look I am aiming for. Mary Poppins would be proud. I love it. I've ordered the frame and the handles, thanks for sharing the details, just waiting on the post now.

  5. When I first saw this bag, I wondered how you got a wooden frame on it! From a distance, or the magic of photos, the pleather looked just like wood to me! LOL It is a gorgeous bag!

  6. Just beautiful !! Love that you used the wrong side of the fabric! It looks very roomy, too.

  7. The fabric worked really well like that! Well done, and I love the perfect symmetry - a gorgeous bag!

  8. This bag is so stylish, and you were so right, the back is definitely much better than the front!

  9. I love this bag Samantha, love the fabric you used and how you perfectly lined it up!!! This is absolutely lovely to make! The Pattern is awesome!!!!

  10. I love this handbag! How or when can I buy just this pattern? I really don't want to buy the whole group of patterns.

  11. Its beautiful - I love the elasticated pockets!


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