Silver & Pink Companion Carpet Bag


I usually like to test my patterns thoroughly, but this time I just couldn't stop making carpet bags!

Here's another version in silver upholstery fabric with pink leather buckle and straps. This is the 'large' size using a 12" internal tubular frame.

Last year I signed up for the Pay it forward thing on facebook where you commit to do something nice for a few people in exchange for them doing something nice for someone else. I can't even remember who it was that was meant to be doing something nice for me but I'm sure they'll remember and surprise me!
(If you signed up for mine and I haven't surprised you yet, don't worry, I haven't forgotten you!)

One of the girls who signed up for mine is fabulously feminine and so when I saw this silver upholstery fabric in my stash I knew straight away what I would do for her.

I love the barrel hinges on these internal tubular frames. You can get them from 3DAN on etsy. His customer service is excellent!

The hinges are spring loaded so they stay closed or stay open easily.

I used a plain pink solid that I already had in my stash for the lining. I put two regular slip pockets and one zipped pocket inside as per the pattern.

I also used the pink from the lining for the frame channels as a bit of contrast.

Here's the large and small bags together so that you can see the size difference. Both are very roomy inside!

If you'd like to join the Bag of the Month club you still can, you can find more info on my blog post here.

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  1. I love the pink contrast…beautiful :-)

  2. Very nice!! I have always like pink and gray together. (Gray and yellow, too.)

  3. So lovely! The detail on the pocket is awesome. I'm still looking for the right fabric for mine.

  4. Ooooo I love the pink and gray in your bag!! Gorgeous!
    Also it is cool to see the buckle closure on the outer pocket! Thanks for showing the size contrast, too!
    What a cool pattern, Mrs H !!

  5. Just stunning! I am hoping to get started on my first one soon.

  6. Wonderful! I love the pocket detail too! Have a happy weekend!

  7. I really love the pink and silver. Beautiful.

  8. I love this version! Very pretty with the silver and the pink!


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