The Pleather Queen


Have you all heard of the Pleather Queen? No? I'm surprised!

Ok, really it's just a nickname that I have for Liz from Moments blog.

With the Companion Carpet bag being the bag of the month this month, Liz reminded me she's got some great tutorials for using pleather and vinyl to make your handles for the bag.

(All images were stolen from Liz without her permission!)

How to make basic faux leather handles

Thick faux leather into a strap

Round faux leather handles

Companion carpet bag faux leather handles

She's also got tutorials on working with pleather and her many bag making adventures! Pop over and check them out!

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  1. Thanks for the chuckle !! I'm telling my hubby to call me Queen from now on !!! LOL

  2. Liz works wonders with pleather and is so kind to give tutorials to help us along the way!!

  3. I am so envious of you folks who can sew and create such lovely things!!

  4. Yes, Liz Rocks! She gave me the courage to try non quilty materials and then, I got so hooked that an industrial Juki showed up!


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