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Hi Everyone!

I am so happy to be over at Mrs H's house today,  I hope she has the kettle on...I wouldn't mind a cup of tea ;P  I know how lucky am I to be asked over for a visit - I just wish little Cicely was awake for a cuddle ;)

So, I accepted Samantha's invitation to pop over here to her blog and share with you all some of my favourite companion carpet bags that are in the running for the fabulous January prize in the bag of the month club flickr group competition.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Emma, and I blog over at For My Little Monster.  I have been sewing for around 5 years, I have tested a few of Samantha's bag patterns before their release over the last year and my most recent accomplishment was releasing my 1st sewing pattern.

Anyway, enough about me and on to the fabulous bags!

So, Samantha asked me to pick a few bags from the flickr group to share in this you all know how hard that was? I!

Let's get looking at some of these BEAUTIFUL bags :)

I found a number of beautiful grey versions...

Companion Carpet Bag Companion Carpet Bag Front

Oh and look how lovely the piping is on these to grey beauties!?!

Companion Carpet Bag 8" size January Bag5

This one isn't really grey...but it's to pretty not to share! I love the pink piping it really makes this bag special :)


I love me a bit of pattern matching...and look how good these have been matched!

IMG_0200 resized  1514299_10152331900074649_1865739380198924156_n

small Jan bom 016

Companion Carpetbag 2015  IMG_4109

(I'm not normally a really "flowery" bag lover,
but this one above, really spoke to me - I love it!)

The next few bags are so lovely, they just had to be included in this post...

Small Companion Carpetbag

This navy one is really on trend - navy is really "in" right now.
I have so many navy fabrics in my cupboard I really have to make myself a navy bag soon!


How lovely is the grey bag with the its red handles and its appliquéd and embroidered design!
I love this would sit happily on my arm ;)

There were so many more bags I liked and I really want to make sure you read on ;)

Samantha wanted me to mention something to those ladies REALLY wanting to try to win a prize in the Bag of the Month competition...Ladies your photos need to be good!  They need to show off your bags assets and good qualities.  So I'm going to share some tips, and sneak a few more beautiful bags in to this post - cue evil cackle...

Make sure you take your photo outside in good daylight (ie. before it starts getting dark, with no shadow) with a plain-ish backdrop.

Companion Carpet Bag~70's Fabric

This bag has had its photo taken outside and in good light, 
and you are not distracted by what is in the background 
of the photo as it is quite plain against the fence.

If you take your photo inside, make sure you take it against a white wall and near a window in daylight (for best results you should take the photo when the sun is at its brightest), with nothing in the background.

January Bag 1

This bag has some very lovely features that are portrayed so well due to:
1.  Good lighting and 
2. A white background.  
There is no "junk" in the background to take away from the beautiful 
bag in this photo either, this therefore makes it very appealing to the eye.

I hope you have found my photo taking tips helpful, and if your part of the bag of the month club don't forget to add your creations to the Flickr group to be in the running for all the great prizes!

Good luck to everyone and I have really enjoyed looking over all your beautiful Companion Carpet Bags.

Thanks for having me Samantha, the tea was lovely...oh and I will leave you with these ;)


If you enjoyed this post you can get more of me here:
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  1. Emma I was reading this post and was pleasantly surprised that you chose my bag (photo) as an example of a good photo. Thank you!!! I do really try to take the best photos that I can. They don't always turn out perfect, but I try. I was thrilled to see it here on Samantha's blog. I know there are some gorgeous bags being made and that the judges will have a really hard time in choosing the winners. I am happy to just make some bags and not have to be a judge, lol!!!

  2. This bag is a great shape and size. I'm not part of the bag club :( but its great to see everyones lovely bags


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