Q2 '15 FAL Goals


It's that time again for setting our quarterly goals. This is only my second quarter, but already I'm feeling the companionship of many others out there working towards finishing things off.

Maybe by the end of the year my WIP (works in progress) box will be empty, right? Wait, why are you laughing?

This quarter is mostly about clothing for me, I've got a lot of fabrics ready waiting to be made into clothes, here they are.

From top left, Chunky sweater knit for an Oslo Cardigan, grey sweatshirt fabric (and pink ribbing?!) for a sweater, dark grey t shirt fabric for a Lane raglan, Navy & red voile for a top for my beautiful friend Stacey, lilac Veronica voile for a summer top (with sleeves) for me (pattern undecided, any suggestions?) and then some aqua knit elephants for a t-shirt or two for Elvis.

I bought these two Christmas cushions in the sale (£10 reduced to £3) so I'd like to make removeable covers for them so that they can sit on our settee all year round, and just be Christmassy at Christmas. I can't be doing with storing cushions away, it seems silly!

Hopefully this light embroidered cotton will become a couple of little skirts for my nieces to wear over leggings. That's their favourite fashion combo at the moment so hopefully they'll be to their taste!

And finally some cushions for my sister-in-law from this Cath Kidston Provence Rose in blue. I'm fed up of this fabric I've had so much of it so I'm glad to make these for her and to get it out of my sewing room!

What are you working on this quarter?

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

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  1. Yeah go you! Lane Raglan is a lovely pattern to sew.

  2. I'm not working on anything, but I sure enjoy seeing your projects!

  3. I think the Bess top by Imagine Gnats is a pretty quick pattern to sew for yourself. Just make sure that you sew it with the higher neckline. I sewed one for myself with the lower neckline and it's a bit low so I haven't really worn it.

    The skirts with leggings seems to be the combo around here, too, even with adult women. It looks pretty cute on everyone I've seen wearing it, but I haven't been brave enough to try it :)

  4. Oh, I love the navy and blue voile fabric! I bought similar type of fabric (light blue with grey horses) to make a shirt/top but I was waiting for better weather! Would love to see what pattern you choose.
    And good luck with your next q goals :)


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