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Hi lovelies,

I recently shared a photo of my next pattern on the Bobbin Girl's Sewing Bee and they are so sweet that they kept it a secret for I figured I should entrust it to my blog readers too, right?

This sunburst clutch pattern is a collaboration between myself and Kerry from Pennydog Patchwork. If there's one thing she knows, it's her quilting! (Actually, she knows an awful lot, but it didn't sound so fancy).

She pieced the flap top and sent it over to me, instructions and photos included and then I had to work out the dimensions to finish the clutch off and get it packaged up ready for you all to make your own.

I love the sunburst feature, and I also love that the strips are slightly different in width, more natural, growing larger as they rise up.

I made the cover version with Kerry's flap and finished it off with some shiny gold pleather.

Then because I like to be thorough, I made a second test version in shades of red and orange and pink with some grey faux suede upholstery fabric.

My second version is more like a sunset clutch rather than a sunburst clutch with the colours!

I used MagicFly's nest charm from Sara Lawson's new collection for Art Gallery Fabrics Fantasia, for the lining. I love her fabrics, they're so fun!

The actual clutch part is super easy, so if you're a quilter looking to get into bag making, this is exactly the pattern for you!

If you're a bag maker wanting to give paper piecing a go, this is exactly the pattern for you, with just a small amount of paper piecing to dip your toe!

In fact, let's just say this is an excellent pattern for anyone who wants a cute clutch, for a date night, a wedding (it is wedding season after all!) or even just running errands when you only need your wallet and phone! Apparently not everyone loves lugging around a half ton of baby 'junk'!

I can't wait to show you more about this clutch, we're just finishing off the edits and final proofs and then it'll be ready for sale from Tuesday 19th May. I'll be sure to show you our testers' versions when it's up and listed in the store.

Where will you take your clutch?

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  1. Actually I think I like your Sunset one even better :)

  2. What a great project for a sunny weekend! Love that you used pleather for the body, love the mix of fabrics!


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