5 DIY gift ideas for Father's Day


With Father's day just around the corner, I'm sure many of you are thinking about DIY gifts. And what's better than something unique, made with love and care?

Today we're featuring 5 fabulous, easy to do DIY gift ideas Dad will love!

1. A matching t-shirt set for father and baby

Is the Dad you're making a gift for a New Dad? Celebrate his courage and give those late nights a fun twist with a matching set of t-shirts like this ones by CleverFoxApparel

 2. A custom-made wallet

There are few objects Dad will carry around with him every day for the next few months or even years, and a wallet is one of them. You could make it as simple as you want, make up your own pattern or use our very own pattern, the Gentleman's Wallet. We've now released it as a two pack with CloBird designs Rawly organic wallet for a 20% off discount! Make one out of soft leather and one from a fun fabric!

Men's Wallet bundle

3. A DIY moustache wax and beard oil

If you're not afraid of doing a little bit of alchemy in your kitchen, you could try making your own moustache wax and beard oil (for Dad, not yourself!). Put it in a tin can, print a funny label and you're all set.

The simplest recipe for the moustache wax is using equal quantities of beeswax and coconut oil. There's a full tutorial here.

4 A unique DIY bow-tie 

It could be made of funky fabric or even out of wood and a bit of fabric or trim like this one from JVStore. If you can't be trusted with a hand saw,  ask for help at your local DIY/craft store. Everyone will surely comment about it at the next party.

5. A manly toiletries bag with Dad's initials

If you've always wanted to work with leather but haven't found the right opportunity, then take this little challenge and make Dad a leather (you could use real or vegan leather) pouch for his most manly grooming accessories, to have at home or when he travels. We really like these ones from LifetimeLeatherCo.

So, what are you making Dad this next few days?

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