How to get great Etsy reviews {Sewing to sell}


Whether you’re looking to open an Etsy shop to sell the items that you sew, or you’re already running a shop and would like to get more business from it, knowing the importance of good reviews is equally important.

In this post I'll share some of the things I've learnt about reviews from my experience as an Etsy seller.

Good reviews increase your trust as a seller, help other potential customers make a decision to purchase, and help you build a reputation as a seller who not only makes great quality products, but also treats their customers like they are their best friend.

On the other side, good reviews will give you, as a seller, a boost of confidence and might motivate you to do even better with your Etsy business.

My reviews page on Etsy 

But how do you get great feedback?

* First of all, offer quality products and be fair in your descriptions

Many sellers sell great products but they have some problems with feedback because they disappoint their customers. On Etsy (and in business in general) you should always be at the other end of the spectrum, you should try to impress and over-deliver.
Tell your customers they are getting one of a kind products so they are not surprised if the product they receive is not identical to the one in the photos.
You should consider that a customer will fall in love with your product from a photo they saw, so be attentive of changes that might not seem a big deal (but they are!) like pattern placement, notions, lining colours etc.

* Treat your customers like you treat your friends

Is there a problem with the product they bought? Does a customer have a doubt regarding your product? Answer quickly and sincerely and be helpful. You’ll win more fans and customers long term by having a great attitude and offering a great service.
Sometimes this means offering refunds, answering questions and sometimes not even making a sale.

* Packaging is important
image by Elisa Fair shared with CC BY 2.0

In e-commerce, the moment your customer receives and opens a package is the most important moment of the sale.
They already have an idea of what they are going to receive, they've been waiting anxiously to receive their package and now it’s there, in their hands.
This is your chance to make your customer feel like it’s their birthday!

By carefully packaging your item, adding a business card and a thank you note, you’re making your customer feel like they’re receiving a gift, not something they just purchased on-line.

The joy of owning something you made will be even greater.

What about you? What are your tips for getting great reviews on Etsy?

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  1. I agree. I would like to think of Etsy reviews as guides; they can give you a good idea of your level of production as much as the quality of work. They can make you think of what you can add to improve your work, or even get new ideas for new products. Your customers are good sources of insight, since they most likely share your tastes on such things. So why not use that to your advantage? Good day!

    Rachelle Edwards @ All Digital Branding


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