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Today's guest on our Sewing to Sell series is Lynne from Bags by Lynwam, someone who's bags have caught my eye lately for their precision sewing and creative flair!

Lynne from Bags by LynWam
How did you get into sewing & what do you make?
As long as I can remember I have sewn or created something whether it be from knitting or crocheting, however sewing has always been my first love.  As an adult I decided to study Clothing Technology thinking I would love to be a pattern maker – however I did not go down that route and just concentrated on sewing items and worked for various Handmade labels until such time our Son came into our lives, so then just concentrated on him and decking him out in some awesome outfits.  I no longer do so much in the way of clothing and concentrate on creating gorgeous Handbags, Purses and Wallets.
The Nappy bag by Mrs H
What made you decide to sell your sewn items?
After a very stressful couple of weeks in ‘paid’ employment I decided it was time to work for myself and with a semi industrial machine taking up a huge amount of space and not being used,  that is when I decided it had to either go or I had to utilize it and make some money doing so – hence I started my wee bag lady business and Thanks to a very good friend who bought my first bag!
The Goin' Uptown tote by 2 Pretty poppets
How do you decide on your selling price?
Selling price is always hard for me, I try to work out the formula and use the spreadsheet, but generally just look around to see what others are selling their creations for and if it is in the vicinity of where I think it should be go from there.
Ethel by Swoon Patterns
What makes customers part with their cash for your sewn items?
I keep my customers informed the whole process pretty much to make them feel like they are part of the whole creating process and I think that is why they keep parting with their hard earned cash – and that has also earned me word of mouth customers from them too!
Plus they seem to like the fact that they are getting something different to chain store purchases, they also seem to like the fact I usually put my own spin on my bag creations.
Lombard Street pattern by Chris W Designs
What do you wish you could tell yourself back when you were starting out?
What would I tell myself back when I started? Maybe "Why did I not get off my bum bottom sooner and create these fabulous bags from patterns all you wonderful designers come up with!" And for that I thank you

Lynne runs her business via her Facebook page, Bags by Lynwam. She's also on Instagram where you can see many of her works in process and finished creations! Pop over and check her business out!

One piece of advice to take from Lynne, is to never underestimate the power of word of mouth, would you agree?

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