5 reasons why you should consider sewing a Bookbag Backpack


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This month I’ve been sewing a new version of the Bookbag Backpack and will release the updated pattern soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Sewing a really pretty (if I can say so myself:) backpack can make one ponder on the many great uses for a new bag like this, from celebrating the going back to school (or the gym), a new hobby or even a commitment to read more. Here are 5 reasons why I think you should consider sewing yourself a new bookbag backpack this season!

Celebrate going back to school 

You don’t have to be formally part of an official learning institution to enjoy the crisp, back to school feeling, you could learn a new skill or set yourself your learn to get better at something specific. And as a student, you’ll need a book bag to carry around your books, notes and study materials.

Get someone else in your family excited about going back to school 

We actually got the idea from one of our Facebook fans, Simone, (also a fabulous tester) who commented that she would like to make the book bag in a Star Wars or a Ninja fabric for her son. I don’t know about you, but I know a few young gentlemen who would really enjoy a new book bag for their first time or school (or kindergarten!) The best way to get them super excited is to go with them at the fabric store and have them choose the fabric, if that’s possible.

Commit to reading more in the next season

Whether is just fiction that you love, or a mix of non-fiction (read: sewing books!) and fiction, you know how beneficial reading is. A study from the University of Liverpool showed that people who read feel happier about themselves and their lives and that reading for just 30 minutes a week(!) brings greater life satisfaction and enhances social connectedness, while another study by the New School for Social Research in New York showed that that reading fiction is making us more empathic.

Protect your back (I'm looking at you, over sized bag fans!)

If you’re just one of us who would always choose an over sized bag over a minuscule purse that doesn't fit more than your keys and phone, a bookbag backpack is a good idea to try. The advantage of having two straps instead of just one is that the weight is distributed better so you don’t end up hurting your spine. This way you could bring with you everything you need to make it through the day.

Bring your unique style to your active time

If you're an athlete, cycle or train periodically and love the practicality of backpacks but would just prefer something more stylish and more unique, making your own is a good alternative. You can sew a really great bag, that’s durable and well crafted (and let’s not forget: beautiful!) and still have the comfort of a backpack. Plus, if you're going to use my pattern, the bag quickly goes from workout to the office thanks to it's handy upward handles.

 What about you? When will you use your bookbag backpack?

p.s. if you buy your copy of the pattern on Craftsy, it'll automatically email you when the updated version is available!

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