Darling Diamonds Saddlebag


Hey lovelies,

While we're all busy working on cutting out our Companion Carpet bags for Reece's sew along, I thought we'd appreciate a bit of eye candy, by way of the saddlebag.

It's always nice to look at what you can line up on the to-do list, right?

Today's bag is sewn by Hilari and she's made the Saddlebag.

 The saddlebag is a sizeable bag, aimed right at beginners. The closure is this cross flap strap sewn into the side seams, ideal for adding a pop of colour, or adding interest.
 I love Hilari's use of this deep claret colour, it instantly makes this bag a must have accessory, and makes it look so classy!
 On the back Hilari's made the outer pocket as per the pattern, it has a magnetic snap to keep everything tucked away inside.
The interior of the Saddlebag is definitely roomy, but there's a zipped pocket and a slip pocket to keep certain things safe, still leaving plenty of space for ring binders, notebooks, whatever you could possibly need to cart around!

I love Hilari's version, I'm sure you do too! If you want to buy your own copy, you can find it on Etsy now!

Thanks for sharing your Saddlebag with us Hilari!

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