Sewing for men: 3 things to keep in mind before starting your next project


Whether it’s sewing for Father’s day, a birthday or Christmas, from time to time, you’ll have to sew for a man. For some of you, that will be easy-peasy, and you’ll know exactly what they’d love you to make for them because they’ve expressed their wish on multiple occasions. Yet for the rest of us, sewing for men is something more challenging than sewing for ourselves or our best friends.

As sewers and makers, we get so used to following and curating our own taste that we forget others might prefer different things. If you’re going to sew for someone you love, we’re sure you’d also want that person to love their gift. You might love a navy suiting fabric with barely there stripes, only to oversee the fact that the man you’re sewing for would never be seen in anything than black. Or you’re thinking of sewing a men’s wallet for a teenager in a soft, brown leather, but the person you’re sewing for would absolutely love a bright neon vinyl one.

So before starting to sew, here are three things you should think about:

Colours and tones

The same way you would create a mood board for your seasonal sewing, try to think about what they usually wear, what kind of accessories they prefer and even how they decorate their space. Write down or use Pinterest to create a board of colours and items that remind you of the person you’re sewing for.


Texture is very personal and as important as colour. You might be tempted to choose for the person you’re sewing for because you think they would look wonderful wearing that beige corduroy travel bag you’re planning to sew for them, but they might very much prefer a sporty, bright blue polyester bag, for example. When in doubt, it’s better to ask. No need to ruin the surprise, but do test the waters before you start sewing.


The hardware you use for finishing your bags and accessories, when sewing for men, is as important as your fabric choice. Sometimes, just using what you have around your sewing room, won’t do. Especially when the person you’re sewing for is very particular about what they wear. You might find that the antique brass finish you love so much and use all the time for your sewing projects is not at all something they would wear and that hardware with a gunmetal finish would be a much better choice.

What about you? What are some of the things you’ve learned from sewing for men?

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