Introducing... Sewing for men month!


Hi lovelies, it's June! That means we're spending the whole month celebrating men, and looking at sewing for men!

We'll have posts on choosing fabric for men, posts on using trickier fabrics for men, posts with Father's day gift ideas (for you to sew), and a couple of pattern hacks along the way!

We've started a Pinterest board for sewing for men, please do suggest any other gifts you might come across, we'd love to add them!
 Sewing for Men

We've started buying all sorts of manly fabrics, we've hunted down our patterns and we've roped in some sewing friends!

We're ready to sew for men, are you?

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  1. My mom made my dad a sport coat and it has become one of those stories that gets told and re-told because it fit perfectly and looked like it came from an exclusive men's store. I never saw it and there are no photos, but the story lives on. Sewing for men is not an easy thing....but I know you will make it seem easy!! :)

    1. Thanks for sharing - it's interesting to hear of your family's history of sewing. I hope this month doesn't disappoint!

  2. This is great! It can be so difficult to sew for men!


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