How to add Fold over Elastic to the top of Mesh Pockets


Hello lovelies,

In my August bag, the Swim & Gym bag, I've come up with two methods for the outer mesh pockets, one with elastic threaded through a casing, and the other with fold over elastic along the top.

I've done a little Youtube video to show you how to add the fold over elastic.

It's a little trickier, but if you like a challenge, why not give it a go?

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  1. I was literally just getting ready to do this same tutorial for the Mom's Minivan Organizer sew-along! My method is slightly different and less precise, so I'll probably still go ahead and do it, but I might link to yours to give people another option :)

  2. I had to watch the video, just so I could hear your voice :) Of course, it's nothing like I imagined because I forgot to add in the accent... lol. I think your video is very nicely put together. I watched a video the other day from several parties which I would have imagined (based on both of their reputation) that it would have been more polished... and it wasn't. So, I'm super glad to see a great video from someone I also trust to make great patterns!

  3. Great video on attaching elastic to a mesh pocket! Love your voice! You do a very professional job with your videos! Thank you!


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