Alternative Gift Tags {Month of Giving}


You can download these gift tags for free from my website here.

Hello Lovelies,

Sometimes I find giving someone gifts you've made for them and saying "hope you like them" is completely insufficient. So, I asked my testers what they would most like to tell people they give a handmade gift, and we've turned them into some alternative gift tags!

To save, right click on the image above, then choose "save as". You can also save the individual tags below by right clicking each one.

Hope you like them!

Edited to add: New Transparent Labels

Full Set:


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  1. These are spectacular! Thank you for sharing <3

  2. These are perfect. I've often wanted to ask to have something back if the recipient doesn't like it. Handmade costs too much in money, time and effort for it to sit in a cupboard somewhere.

  3. These are amazing, thanks for sharing in the FB pdf bags group!

  4. Brilliant concept and the tags look really good too! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Just found you on Facebook. Thanks so much for the cute tags! They are just perfect!!! I'm signing up to follow you!

  6. Absolutely love these tags!!! I have had some of those same thoughts over the years🎄. LOL

  7. Thank you for sharing these!


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