The Nappy bag - tester's photos {Part 1}


Lovely friends, I am possibly the luckiest pattern designer in the world, because I have such talented and generous pattern testers!

This pattern proved to be a bit tricksy and had a few fairly major design edits. My testers stepped up to the plate discussing improvements, things they thought could be bettered and some even went so far as to make a second bag when the edits had been made. That's commitment!

Thank you testers, I'm so grateful to you all!

I'm sharing some of their photos with you today, and the rest will be later on. I was so fortunate to have a wide variety of testers for this bag that it's too many to share in one post!

I don't usually have so many testers but some tested as a travel bag, some a nappy bag, some a large handbag. Their feedback was all so valuable!

First up is Anita who modified the flap to be a bit more funky, isn't it gorgeous!

Next up is Anna from Messy Rooms who made two versions, this is the second version with the edits to the pattern.

 And here's Anna's first version, so fun!

Hold your horses, it's pink polka dots and denim! Great way to upcycle, Annette!

Next up is Barbara who is a first time tester and did a smashing job!

She also made two versions, I can't find a finished pic of her first version but here are some 'in progress' shots.
 Barbara recommends using webbing for straps and on her first version lined them with cotton to co-ordinate with her outer fabric.

Barbara's second version was made into a travel bag for herself and took her on a wild coach tour!

Once again Dee managed to make a beautiful yet functional test bag. Grandson approved!
 You can still catch Dee's double zip tutorial on my blog here: How to convert a single zip to a double zip 

This next bag was made by Emma from For my little monster. She finished it with a few days to spare before her newest monster arrived! Phew! That's lucky!

She also managed to make a Sling Bag during labour itself. That's dedication to bag making!

Having a 'Whale' of a time pattern testing is Jessica from XO, Jessica. Isn't her choice of fabrics great!

Another dual tester is Katie who first made this gorgeous bag,
 ...and then made this second bag from the edited pattern. look how much fits inside!!

Next up is Katy from Handmade Escapade with her rather foxy bag. Check out that pattern matching on Mr Trilby Fox!

Finally, our last tester today is Lindsey, who made this beautiful test bag. I love her choice of colours!

Some of the edits include changing the interior pockets from flat slip pockets to elasticated pockets, editing where the long strap attaches to and making the large back slip pocket a touch more secure. That's why there are a few variations on the pics shown.

If you want to make your own Nappy bag (or of course travel bag), you can find the pattern for sale in my Etsy store here: The Nappy Bag.

Happy sewing!

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  1. Those are all just beautiful! You know some very creative people - and then of course, I don't know how you come up with these things in the first place. Nice work, Samantha!

  2. Everyone's bags look FABULOUS! :) Great work with this pattern Samantha, another WINNER added to your collection! :)

  3. What a talented bunch of testers you have ;) and such lovely bags they made.

  4. Great pattern and fabulous testers!

  5. Beautiful all of them !!!


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