20 scrap friendly sewing projects {November Destashing}


If you’re one of those sewers who can’t stand to waste even the tiniest piece of fabric, we have good news for you. There is a way to both reuse these precious bits and destash.

The funny thing about these tiny bits of fabric is how much space they get to occupy. First you collect them in a beautiful handmade drawstring bag, then you notice you need another bag and before you know if, half your fabric stash is occupied by these tiny scraps that aren’t enough for a new bag or garment.

So today, we’re going to give you 20 ideas of how you can turn those scraps into new things, starting with the larger scraps to the tiniest possible. If you have the time, take out all your scraps (you could do this over a weekend if you have a lot), and start making piles, by size, as follows:

  • Pile 1: Your larger fabric scraps: anything bigger than 30 x 30 cm.
  • Pile 2: Your mid size scraps: bigger than 15 x 15 cm.
  • Pile 3: Your tiny scraps, bigger than the palm of your hand
  • Pile 4: Your tiniest scraps, anything that’s smaller than the palm of your hand.
Project ideas for larger fabric scraps

Larger fabric scraps are perfect for making home wares such as cloth, napkins and tea towels, but also small pouches, clutches, tiny purses or wallets.

What about a set of fabric napkins like these ones from the BindandFold shop on Etsy? If the fabric you have is plain or light coloured, you could experiment with dyeing, like the fabric napkins here:

You could make a new pouch for you phone, like this iPhone Zip Pouch by Projects by Jane

Or a cute lunch bag, like the Perfect Size Reversible Lunchtime Pouch by Projects by Jane

The Necessary Clutch Wallet by Emmaline Bags is perfect for precious scraps busting, because you could use one fabric for the outside of the wallet and lots of other scrappy bits for the inside.

A travel passport and ticket case like this Travel Passport Wallet by So Sew Easy is a great project for a quiet afternoon. You could even make these as gifts!

You could make a couple of these Treasure Pouches by Projects by Jane to organise objects around the house or use them as one of a kind gift pouches.

Or you could use them to bring a suprising pop of pattern in a garment, like this contrasting yoke by Rochelle from Lucky Lucille.

Project ideas for medium sized fabric scraps

Medium sized scraps could be used for smaller projects, such as doll clothes, tiny pouches, but also for revamping the look of your potholders (or making new ones) 

If you have a daughter, a niece, a granddaughter, a neighbour who still plays with dolls you could use those medium scraps for making doll clothes like these beautiful ones from libertylavenderdolls. You could even make the doll yourself.

If your earphones always get tangles in your bag, why not make this earphones holder pouch by dogundermydesk.

You could also use your scraps to cover a photo frame or a rope hanger, like these ideas from Amy J Delightful and corrieberrypie

You can also do a little patchwork practice and make these plastic bag dispenser like these ones from Samelia's Mum 

How to use those tiny scraps of precious fabric?

You know the ones I talk about: the ones that are so pretty you can't say goodbye to, but at the same time you never use.

Those tiny scraps can sometimes have magical effects when used on clothes and purses as an accent, like these contrast shoulder triangles by mesewcrazy.

We really like these cute flannel handwarmers via Craft Gossip. Super fast to make and useful for those chilly mornings!

If you'd like to experiment with something new, you could try making a set of necklaces from tiny pieces of fabric pleated and sewn like these beautiful ones from Tinctory.

Similar to the handwarmer projects, you could use those tiny squares of fabric to make your own stylish pattern weights, like these ones from Positively Splendid.

Your teeny-tiny scraps 

Now it’s time to deal with those tiny tiny scraps. Even if they're small, they can still be used in lots of creatives ways, like tiny applique like the one below from Life by Hand by Rebecca Sower.

Or you could use them to make fabric garlands; or even a dreamcatcher, like this one from Pattern Revolution. 

A super fun project from My Poppet is this fabric twine. Who could have thought you could use up even that tinyest piece of fabric, if you really want to!

Take a good look at these super tiny scraps: are you ever going to use these? How? You might want to keep all these scraps and use them as filling for a pouf, like this one from Michele Made Me (a scrap fabric project filled with scrap fabric? This has to be the ultimate scrap buster!), but you could also consider donating them to the recycling center if you know you’re never going to use them.

They will become new fabric, so don’t be sad about them :)

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