Planning 2016 with Who ate my Crayons {Mrs H Studio Tour}


Hi lovelies,

How did you all get on with November destashing? I came to a very scary realisation today that I could destash for another decade and still have too many supplies! (Don't tell my Book keeper that though!)

I've got an excellent discount deal for you today, but in the interests of full disclosure, I haven't received any compensation for today's post and I paid for my products from Who ate my Crayons.

So around 3 years ago I was looking for a nice big calendar for my studio. I'm terrible with dates and planning, so it has to be functional, but come on, I like things to be pretty! I stumbled across Who ate my crayons, designed and run by Tia Lush.

I've just bought my third calendar from her, and I've yet to be disappointed. I've never had to worry about the design, or whether I'll like it, and I'll show you my new 2016 one!

 You can have every calendar personalised. 2015 was 'Awesome plans'. Oh, what awesome plans I had! It's super encouraging!
Check out the pretty hand drawn details on the top of this year's calendar?

While I tidied my desk I thought I'd better tidy the rest and give you a little sneaky peek of where it is that I work.
We're incredibly fortunate to have this large room in our house which we can use as an office. We have two businesses, he has his, Hussey Coding, and I have mine, Sewing Patterns by Mrs H. He has a desk in the corner, I have the rest. Fair, right?

 This photo above is where I work. It's still got 2015's calendar up and you can see it fits perfectly!
I am a member of Bari J's Something Beautiful tribe, so I get free desktops every month into my inbox. Oh, and I've got a hotel reception bell on my desk so I can ding when I get a good idea, or I finish a task....or I want a snack!

 Behind my desk I have a sewing counter, made from an IKEA kitchen counter. I have an adhesive measuring tape attached along the edge, and that green cupboard underneath is chock full of hardware.
The spool rack on the right was handmade for my by Dusband as this year's anniversary gift. Next year is Iron/Wood so I'm going to ask him for a tailor's clapper!

 I have my ironing board under the window, despite it being a bit tight behind my desk. It's lovely to look out of the window to the mountain at the back (hidden by sideways rain today!) while I'm fusing interfacing!
We painted and stencilled our office floor nearly 3 years ago and it's holding up really well, there's just one single chip missing. That's not bad for such a high traffic area!

We've got daylight coloured (5600k) bulbs in our two main ceiling lights. These are excellent for working, they reduce strain on your eyes, keep colours true, and help me to take my step by step photos even when it's gloomy outside.
 I have a large cutting table (120cm x 150cm) that Dusband made for me when we moved to this house, it's 4 bookshelves with a sheet of plywood on top. It's the perfect height for me to cut out without hurting my back, I'd encourage you to check your working heights too!
And finally, back to my desk, this is my view right now (except I rescued some chocolate from the drawer just out of shot on the right). I love my 2016 calendar, they're always so beautiful, so practical and excellent for planners and non planners alike!

I contacted Tia to let her know I'd like to share her calendars with you, and she very kindly sent back a promotional code for you to use.

If you'd like to buy your own 2016 calendar, just enter the blog referral code LOVEMRSH to receive a free 'Awesome plans' A6 journal personalised for you.

I really wish I were you so that I could get a free journal!

 What exciting events do you have coming up next year? I've got both Bag of the Month Club and Sew Brit: Bag Camp! I'm going to have an exciting year!!

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  1. How fun to get to see where you work and where all the creativity happens!! It is also great that your friend offered a freebie for your friends who place an order. Awesome!!

  2. Thank you! That was fun to see.

  3. I love seeing your space, it's awesome!! I need to clean mine, so you are inspiring.
    I am off to get a calendar!!

  4. It's been ages since I spoke with Tia, she's the best :) I'm totally going to sign up to Bari J's backgrounds too, I didn't know that was a thing, but I recognised her artwork right away!


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