Front pockets {The Nappy Bag Sew Along}


Hi lovelies,

We're making good progress with our Nappy bag sew along and today it's time to start thinking about the front pockets. For today's post we're going to be following the photos from the pattern.

I've chosen to make my own personal bag with two back pockets because of it's intended end use. I find the flap on the front pocket really useful on my Nappy bag though for keeping Elvis' medical record book dry in the pocket, or for popping things in that need a little more security that I don't want in the main centre section.

Let's start with the flap. If you're choosing to use piping for this, don't forget to give it a good spritz of steam to pre-shrink it before you start working with it.

Like with the back pockets, I usually measure the width of the piping tape and then if it's short of the seam allowance draw a line all the way around.
 Then when I use my glue stick to baste the piping on I line it up with the seam allowance and stick it into place. You can see on this bag I used a 'Handmade' Script label from Emmaline bags. If you're in the UK you can now get these from Bobbin Girl who's the official UK stockist of Emmaline bags hardware.

Before you stitch your flap outer and flap lining together you'll need to prepare the lining with the magnetic snap.
 As you can see, I bend my prongs outwards. If you like you can fuse a small scrap of medium weight interfacing over the prongs to stop them rubbing on the fabric.

To stitch the flap together, put your lining down face up, then the flap outer down face down on top. You can stitch around the flap following the basting line of your piping then.

I've turned my flap lining side up to show the stitching in the next photo. You can either notch the curves of your flap, or if you're like me, you can use your pinking shears.
Next it's time to prepare the pocket. This will be sewn the same as the back pocket but without the piping along the top. The top of the pocket will be hidden by the flap.

Don't forget to add the female part of the magnetic snap to the front pocket outer!
 In the pattern I offer an optional pair of swivel clips which can be handy for clipping dummies or keys onto (Depending on the purpose of your bag!)
 I used ribbon for mine and pinned them into the side seam once I'd made my pocket, turned it right sides out and basted the sides and bottom together. It can be helpful to leave the pins in these ribbons until the gusset is sewn on. Just try to remember to come back and remove them later on!
 The main difference with the front pocket from the back pocket is where the straps are sewn to. The cross in a box shouldn't be at the top of the pocket. This is to leave space for the flap to sit comfortably.
 Once the straps are sewn on, the pocket can be basted to the front main outer piece. If you chose to add the extra hidden slip pocket then these will now be behind the front slip pocket.
 All that's left is to stitch on the flap above the front pocket. I find it's easiest to snap the magnetic snap together and then making sure the top of the flap is straight pin and stitch into place.

Great work, your bag is really taking shape now! We'll be talking bottle holders next before we get ready to tackle the zip and gusset. There's really nothing to fear about the zip...but if you want to take the opportunity to gather chocolate etc, be my guest!

Why don't you share your outside pockets this week in the facebook groups so that we can all admire each other's pockets?

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