Monday, Monday


What is it about Mondays that everyone finds so loathsome? I personally don't mind them, as let's face it, they're just like any other day (except Sunday) to me. Admittedly I do like a good Friday as it's a fantastic excuse to eat a Crunchie bar; but you can sneak a good few other chocolate bars into an ordinary day with a whole plethora of excuses!
Seeing as I'm still formulating my thoughts on the end of days, the books I've read and the sermons I've heard recently, I shall use this Monday to share a few of my favorite 'Choklit Excuses'.
1) Girls NEED choklit! (said in an exasperated way)
2) I've got such terrible cramps (said when you're no where near crampy time)
3) I've got a headache
4) I'm just so saaaaaaaad (with accompanying tears)
5) I think you deserve a treat Dus....shall we go and get some choklit for you?
6) I feel all wibbly! I think I need some sugar
7) Chocolate has milk in it doesn't it....that could help with my calcium intake, couldn't it?
8) Poor Mars directors, they might be struggling in the recession...I'd best help them out a bit.
9) The usual government response in the war that a bar of Dairy Milk is a fully balanced meal.
10) Dus....I think I need some choklit tonight (said in a needy way)

I'm sure Dus could come up with many, many, many more that he's heard in the last 6 months, but these are the few I find tripping off my tongue, time and again.
How is it a man can have one wispa gold bar and that's fine for him, he won't need chocolate again for a good few days and even then he will only have chocolate because he wants it, not because he NEEDS it!
Seeing as I've spent the entire time of writing this post munching away at my 'share size' (pfft) bag of minstrels, I'd best get off of the subject of chocolate for the next instalment!

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