The Great Hall Painting


Somehow we managed to volunteer ourselves to paint the big youth hall at church.....lots of members have been bandying about the phrase 'It really does need painting' without actually putting their roller where their mouth is (so to speak) that we thought we'd just get on and do it.
However, we hadn't expected it to be so hard!
It took us a pretty much solid week except we didn't paint on Sunday...I guess that's the good thing about doing it for a working on a Sunday! I have no idea how big the hall is, but I have some photos that will hopefully show the scale of the task, and we had to give it 3 coats so that the ghastly bright yellow didn't show through!
There were 7 radiators which we took off the walls to paint properly, and 7 doors to paint also. However, it's almost finished now (there's a glass door that needs boarding up before we can finish it completely and tick it off) and is so much better!
So here's some pics...

Dus up a ladder with his arm moving so fast it's just a blur!

Just about to go home after the first full day of painting.

The hall 'from a distance'

Some of the radiators drying after their two coats of paint to cover the bright blue!

The Giant's windows

The MOUNTAIN of paint tins!

Dus washing up the last of the painting things well into the evening on the last full painting day!

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