Our House...Part 1


.... in the middle of our street

I've finally gotten around to taking some pics and uploading them (now hopefully) so that you can all see our little house :)

So let's start the tour right here at my desk with my lovely handmade noticeboard (I know, it's great isn't it) that I have yet to clutter up with 'notices'

Here's the 'office' from the doorway, with Dus making my noticeboard ready to apply to the wall (screwing in hooks). I know it looks a mess and very cluttered....but...well...anyway...

Out of the office and along the landing I have my magic mirror. My princess mirror that has the bright light just above it which is perfect for applying eyeliner when you don't have contacts in and have to be REALLY close just to not poke yourself in the eye! I think it's an antique, but I remember that I wasn't really that fussed about it, and my mum broke the mirror inside the frame and paid for it to be replaced, but now I'm glad she did as I love it lots now.

Off the landing is the only door other than the office and it's our bedroom. This angle is towards the chest of drawers where Dus keeps some of his pictures and knick knacks such as his tin can bug that he made. I'm hoping we'll get some shelves to put up there one day so that they can be 'displayed' rather than plonked.

This is the other side of our bedroom...my side. I have an old fashioned coat, hat and umbrella stand in the corner with my hats and bags hanging on it. It is a bit junk shop styley and messy but I like to think of it as eclectic and creative....*ahem*

These are our beautiful bedroom curtains straight out of the bargain bin at Dunelm mills. They hang at different lengths, the right one is wonky, but seeing as it's only us who sees them closed, we realised we could live with it for the price of lined curtains NOT in the bargain bin!

Right next to the window is my pride and joy, my darlings, my babies and the one thing I've never been allowed before. A 5 tier shoe rack. Although I did grudgingly give one shelf to Dus to use.

This is our amazing wedding list bedding (thanks to Rocha.John Rocha at Debenhams), which is white with a browny colour appliqued cut out pattern on it. I know my powers of description are second to none....

My dressing table with my oh so staged trinket/jewellery boxes

This jewellery box was given to me by my parents on my 18th birthday and it's hand carved. I love it so much although I don't generally keep much in there as I'm always swapping my cheap and cheerful gems!

Out of our bedroom window UP the street

Out of our bedroom window DOWN the street

Our 'original' cottage stone steps that are built into the corner of the living room and twist around and up. If you stand on the bottom steps you can lift boxes directly vertical and just slide them onto the landing saving you a trip up the stairs! Genius! Although not so great having to wake up and come downstairs to the bathroom in the morning!

The only wedding pic we have displayed in our living room, it's one of my favourites but I had to pinch it off facebook as I've emailed Panda for the original but she's not responded, so we're stuck with a fuzzy one but you can't tell from the sofa!

Our display cabinet with our random things, pictures of Dus' sister and mum, my dancing dad ornament, various other dust gatherers.

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