Our House...Part 2


Our living room with our lovely crocheted blanket which I do love, but I feels gives a slightly 70's shag pad look to the room...still on the hunt for a nice throw!

Just putting the stairs into context. We have seating for 7 people in our living room, which I kinda didn't really notice, we just find that it works well, and when it's house group we all have to try not to breathe in too much and add a few dining chairs to sit on! Our friend who came to stay last weekend commented on us having enough seating for everyone to choose where they'd like to sit and not feel that they have to sit where we'd like them to and it made him feel really welcome so I liked that.

Our DVD collection, alphabetised of course!

Our engagement present from my dad, it's painted silk with embroidery and even now I'm still sure we've got it upside down! I just totally love the clashing colours of it!

Our one side of kitchen

The other side of the same one side of kitchen!

The 'garden' from the upstairs window before we started work on it.

The 'garden' again before we started. Please note all the yukky gravel.

The 'sun terrace' hee hee! This is where we've gotten our planters on the 3 sides of it to hopefully screen out the fence panels and the rear bathroom wall and provide somewhere nice for us to relax when it chooses to repeat the weather on this pic!

If you ignore next door's laundry obscuring the view, you can almost see the incredibly beautiful view we have of the local mountains.

I told you in a previous post about how next door had taken down the fence panel between us, and as of this weekend (3rd weekend), it's still missing.....grrr!

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