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This week we've been offered some work by a lovely couple (Mr & Mrs Woods) from church. They have a beautiful house but have had the masonry paint for it to be done afresh since September and not gotten around to actually painting it yet. Whenever they'd enquired after the job 'situation' as those who are polite tend to call it, we'd always been honest so they knew that we'd given up job hunting so to speak and were setting out to become self employed to see what we could see.
That was when they had a cunning plan (I presume seeing as I am not actually them so cannot tell when it was conceived) to ask if we'd like to paint their house for them. They'd have a lovely newly painted house and we'd have some moolah. 'DEAL!' said we.

I look at this couple and their servant hearts and all they do for the church and I can so understand why they have such a beautiful big house. The last two days neither of them have been home much as they've been out collecting money tins for the charity, running parent and toddler, helping someone take a radiator off and cut the pipes down, and then when the wife was at home she was baking ready for hosting the Bible study that evening!

Some people give some of themselves and their lives to serving the Lord as long as it doesn't intrude too much onto their lives, but this is a couple who don't. Their whole lives are busy and filled with tasks that are not particularly easy or enjoyable, yet they undertake each one with a calm enthusiasm (As opposed to my jumping up and down enthusiasm). This couple really do inspire me to push myself further, to offer up more of myself and to live my life really actively for God, not just in words, but deeds as well.

Anyway, so we started yesterday lunchtime (as Dus had to do some bits and pieces and I had some posting to do), and between yesterday and the end of today we got the whole front side done. I will admit that doesn't sound really that impressive, and I was quite disappointed with it really, but apparently the time is in the 'detail' yadda yadda....I just like to see results! I would be much happier if we just painted all the block of it, but then we'd have to go round and do the detail, so yeah, actually that doesn't work.

I will tell you something though, this old wooden window sanding stuff don't half play havoc with your fingernails! skin on my palms and the pads of my fingers feel like they've been sanded!

Anyway, tomorrow we start on the big side, which is a bigger expanse of wall, but has no windows and only a few pipes and the eaves to contend with, so we should be able to get it done before a quick change ready for Kidz Club at 5pm! We can't really get out of that with some excuse because the leader of Kidz Club is the owner of the house! Hee hee!

Anyhow, we're taking care with sun protection, wearing hats and drinking lots of water, so mum can stop worrying :)

Until next time, adios!

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  1. I love people who are genuinely selfless. It somehow works to make me more selfless to see it in another person.

    I'm sorry about your poor hands! I feel silly now having read this and just poked my finger tips several times with pins whilst sewing. Of course, I keep teasing my mom that she's trying to kill me with pins. Whenever I go over to the house, I always find them on the floor and in odd places. I mean, the woman left one in a finished dress she made for me! :o

    You'll have to take some photos of your handy work. I bet you're getting really good at this painting business.

    Oh, and the time is most definitely in the detail. Only I know the saying as 'the devil is in the details' meaning that the hardest part of a job is the part you have to spend going slowly so it doesn't have to be done again later on.

    But if you think about the meaning of the saying it's true. And not just for painting or sewing. The time we spend in our relationships is the detail that will make or break us. Giving anything less than all of ourselves is cheating the other person out of the true value of what we have.


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