Why is it all the other days can have fun names, but Monday can't really be changed.
Monday, Chooseday, Hump day (middle of the week), Fursday, Crunchie Day, Sat on Day, Sunny Day.

Anyway, I decided to do another blog about yesterday while Dus was busy downstairs grumbling in outrage (OUTRAGE I say) about the fact that the hour 30 minute long programme he sat down to watch only contained 18 minutes of programme!

So yesterday was a busy day for us. We got up at our usual time, did some work, Dus had breakfast but I wasn't allowed. Dus had an appointment at the Job Centre at 10:40, then walked straight from there to the Doctor's where I had an appointment at 11:10 to discuss my 'loose hips'. I've been having problems with my hips recently. Well, I had these problems in a minor way since I was about 13/14, but when mum took me to the Dr, he said it was growing pains so I've just learnt to live with them. However in the last 6-9 months they've gotten much worse so with a little nagging from my little sister I decided I'd better get them checked out.

The doctor pushed and pulled at my legs, putting pressure on them then being surprised when I cried out in pain! He said that he suspects it's muscular, but he wanted to get an X Ray before he said anymore. So now I have to find time to go for an X ray (yes, yes I know it's important!).

So then after my appointment I went back to the waiting room to where Dus was waiting for me and we sat and waited until 11:45 when I had blood tests booked! So we go into the room and I tell the nurse I'm a wimp so have brought my husband in (hereafter known as Dusband). She laughs at me and tells me never to have kids!! The cheek of it!

Anyway, they must have this new system because last time I had blood tests in September I had a 4 inch bruise up and down my arm. Today, I have no bruise, just a tiny red prick mark. Amazingly I don't look like a junky! Wohoo!

So after the trauma of not being able to eat, having my hips manipulated and then being attacked with a needle, we returned home for a quick lunch. After which I had 30 mins to get my 9 parcels ready for posting before we were on the road again for Dus to have a meeting with a guy from Venture Wales about self employment.

I hadn't finished my proof of postages so I stayed in the car with those followed by a good book (Shopoholic Ties the Knot) whilst Dusband waited 45 mins to be told the guy he was waiting for had gotten his days mixed up and wouldn't be able to see him after all!

Back into the car and down to Pontypridd (Said Pontypriyth) for the car to have it's MOT done. When we had the Mazda last year, kwik fit hadn't fitted my exhaust properly so it popped out and caused more damage. They gave us £75 of vouchers which didn't even come near to the expenses we had, but we were grateful of them none the less. We saved those vouchers until this year, knowing we'd be poor and need the MOT done.
The car failed on 2 windscreen wipers (£10 each) and a tyre (budget range £53) with advisory on the other 3 tyres.
We physically couldn't afford to have all four tyres done and as it was we were very lucky to have had the £30 extra on top of the vouchers to pay for the MOT and the work! Thank you God again!

However, there we are then Monday afternoon at 5:17pm trying to get onto the dual carriageway in as much of a rush hour as Ponty has, completely poor and really very tired....and we still hadn't done much work!

Monday nights are quiz night on the old and being The Quiz Master, I had about an hour and a half to do some work before the quiz started, after which our esteemed leader called a staff meeting for half an hour! By the time that was over I could barely be bothered to cook, so instead toasted a raisin & cinnamon bagel :)

Went to bed and woke up at 5:40 am (I'm always exact with times as I have a radio alarm clock with red numbers) having just dreamt Dusband had died! Of course I then had to wake him up to check he was still alive. I was really very, very sad.

On other news, we have many marigold flowers out now, the nasturtiums appear to be being eaten by caterpillars, and the rose bush has two roses on it! I did take some pics on Dusband's phone but once again I'll have to post them when I get a round tuit.

I wish there was a better name for Monday....

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  1. Moanday.

    -- L

    P.S. The verification word for this comment is "clantap". This does not currently exist as a word. I propose we define it now in relation to your car troubles:

    "I had a good ol' wiggle of the clantap but it still didn't sit right."

  2. I accept that definition! Clantrap could be a good all round all purpose name for when I can't remember the name of the thing.

    I.e. oh! I found a clantrap the other day in the shop but it was too big :(

    My word is impar. I thought the word to follow it should be limpar.


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