Ok, yes I know I'm a day late, but hey, what's a day between friends!

In relation to Monday's post I'd like it to now be fact that Monday is 'MoanDay'. Thanks Big Sister for that. By big sister I mean actual big sister, not one I've adopted by chat means! I do love my chat sisters and brothers and no matter how busy I get, I don't think I'll ever be able to turn my back on them and remove them from my schedule. Although unfortunately now chat is on a schedule in my life and I have to fit my chat duties (it's not all fun you know) around work and church commitments. Some weeks the only thing keeping me going is knowing that I will be leading the Monday night quiz night and that's enough!

Anyway, I thought I'd give you a medical update so as not to keep you all in suspenders.

Blood test results I got today as all clear, which is good :)
My little sister (actual little sister and online little sister with curly hair who lives in Californ I A) can stop nagging me now!!

I went for the x-ray yesterday afternoon as we've been so busy all week we've not had a chance although I know it's terrible to put your health second yadda yadda. In all honesty I was really hoping that they'd find something minor that they could treat quickly and easily instead of me having to either a) go through many more tests or b) live with the pain (although this week it's not hurt at all).

Anyway, so we follow the signs for the local hopsicle (no A & E if you please!) and end up missing it completely and ending up at the very end of the road which leads no where!
We turned around and realised it was the place with the huge 'Aberdare Hospital' sign outside...oops!

We find the X ray department by happy co-incidence (and the retro styley pointing sign) and give in my form. The man looks at me in all seriousness and in a lowered voice (although there was only me and Dusband in the room) if there was any chance I could be pregnant. For some reason, although I'm married and if I got pregnant it would be joyous and good and all, I still blushed when I said no!

Anyway, the nice man told me to take off my trousers in the cubicle and put on the attractive hospital gown action. Now I thought I'd be ok in my trousers as I wasn't wearing jeans, I was wearing ninja trousers! *aka black linen trousers*

I hadn't thought about having to wear a hospital gown or walk down the corridor or turn around in front of the man x ray machine so unfortunately I wasn't really prepared in the undergarment department and he got a nice view of my blue with pictures of ice creams on pants. Oops! (again)

Anyhow so he does the deed and then says to me, I'll just pop and have a look at this, are you ok to stay there.....so me being polite say 'yes that's fine' then spend the next 7 minutes (approx of course) laying on the plastic table thing with the x ray machine above me wondering if i'm going to get super powers in some freak accident!

Unfortunately that was not the case, he came in and told me it looked fine to him and they'd write to my Dr and I could go and get changed again...so then I had to walk away from him down the corridor trying to not give him another eyeful of ice cream pants!

So there's the tail (!) of my trip to the hopsicle. And very embarrassing it was too!

Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you all about the youth club we went to this evening.....most enjoyable.

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  1. This blog paints some rather precious mental images Mamfa! Am glad you got through it all okay though. Will keep praying they find a resolution for you x

  2. If you were wearing ninja trousers does that mean that folk could only see your upper half? That must've been skoopy!

    P.S. Today's comment is brought to you by the word andust, meaning "to carefully sprinkle dust over your property, usually carried out in order to give things the appearance of age".

  3. *reads* (actual little sister and online little sister with curly hair who lives in Californ I A)...

    That's me! And I nag because I love. And because I know that English people, on the whole, are terrible about going to see a doctor. And because you might turn out to be a medical anomaly! How cool would that be?!

    I think it'd be cool, but then again, I'm that girl that will voluntarily donate blood and watch them take it out of me without getting queasy or squeamish. So I might not be the best person to go by, come to think of it.


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