Day 1 - The junk drawer


Ok, yes, I admit it, I have a junk drawer!
Well, it masquerades as a utensil drawer and somehow had ten tons of random mish mash items in there too so I chose it to be the beginning of a beautifully organised month!

The challenge calls for baskets/tubs etc to organise with but being somewhat...urm...ok, downright poor, I decided to keep my old butter tubs and just stick some labels on them until I can afford to upgrade so some slightly more attractive containers. I did have a good old hunt in B&M but they've sold out of their 99p 3 tub packs so I guess there must be a lot of organising going on in Aberdare at the moment!

So here's the before pic:

I managed to de clutter a ton of useless junk, freecycled some and charity shopped the other....the instruction manual for the sandwich toaster I used to have 5 years ago...that unfortunately was consigned to the recycling bin....sad times.

Anyway, here is the organised drawer, and whilst I know it could do with some more's ok for now and better than it was!

I can't really say I'm looking forward to day 2 cos I've already done it....but am looking forward to sharing it with you! If you'd like to take part yourself, scoot over to a bowlful of lemons and check it out!

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