Day 2 - Computer Desk


I have to admit that this is one of my downfalls. I can have the cleanest, tidyest, most organiserified house in the world, but my office will always be a mess. Maybe that's what I should have made my new years resolution to be...oh well, too late for that, I'll just stick with a bowlful of lemons' organisation challenge and hope it becomes a habit!

Day 2 was all about tidying and cleaning the desk top where your computer sits. I have been cleaning this since Boxing day so I couldn't do any pics of it before. I'm sure my lovely boss over at Christians Together chat can supply you with one if you ask nicely...because he saw it in the background of another photo so bought me a desk organising set for Christmas! *ahem* I mean, secret santa did. They must have had words. Anyway, I took the chance to just finish it off nicely and give it a good old squitz of Mr Sheen in the process.

Here's the 'after' pics....don't judge me on any junk you can see not on the desk top....I'm sure they'll have their time!

I know that candle next to my lamp is a bit unsightly with it's bent over wax growth, but if I don't love it and burn it, it won't fulfil it's Christmas destiny! Plus I love having a candle burning while I'm sat at the weird like that!

Anyway, as per 'yesterday' if you want to check out the challenge, scoot on over to a bowlful of lemons.

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  1. *GASP* I am truly impressed by that! Well done you! Keep it up x


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