Day 19 - The Master Closet


Or as we call it...wardrobe :)

Dus and I have a lovely triple wardrobe so for once I can't moan that I don't have enough to organise. On the very left hand side is the shelves. The top two are for Dus' clothes (yes, all of them except his pants and socks) and the bottom 3 are the 'linen closet' . On the right is...well, I'll let you see for yourself.....

I'll let you see the rest of the gory details now we've gotten the main shock over with.... brace yourselves!

I cleared the top and gave it a little hoover....yes, that's right, a hoover, THEN I polished it :) We popped to Pound stretcher (Again, again, I know!) and got a huge jumbo fabric storage thing to go up there to keep the dust off of everything although it's not got much structure to it so it just flops at the moment. When we empty the loft I'll re distribute some cardboard to make sides to go inside it and help it to sit up straight! Nothing worse than something to stop mess looking messy!!

Anyway, I put the purple suitcase with our out of season clothes back under the bed (I had to get a pretty top out for our Church Christmas dinner earlier in the week which is why that's out). 

The telly from the top of the wardrobe is going to the lovely couple next door who will be able to make use of it....I thought it was better to give it a slight dust before I sent Dusband next door with it.

It doesn't say hello anymore though, I'd best point that out!

I took everything out of my wardrobe and I kinda just put it all back in again. Every winter/summer changeover I have a good old purge anyway as we've not got huge space to have things hanging out. I must say I was very jealous of the ladies who've already done this challenge. Most of them have about 6 times the amount of clothes I have, and I thought I had a lot!! I feel better now!

I sorted all the hangers out and I was going to go and buy some more super slim hangers (£1.99 for 5 in B&M), but I had a moment of realisation and thought I can't really justify spending out when I have a wardrobe full of perfectly good hangers, I'd only be buying them to make it look pretty. 

So I sorted the trouser hangers so they were all the same then I kept all the solid plastic hangers and rejected the mish mash of other hangers. I'll use them later in the week to go through my shop stock and try to make that look prettier!

When I was a teenager, mum bought me these brilliant space givers for the wardrobe which I've literally used ever since!

You hang them out straight and pop your hangers into them (I choose to use one hanger per category i.e. smarts, cardis, jumpers, skirts, jeans)

Then you remove one side of the black hanger from the main hanging rail and they all hang down nicely and you can see what you have, remove just one hanger and it utilises more of the space.

I wish I could tell you where they were from and how much they were, but I've got 5....that's all I can tell you!

Anyway, the shelf above the hanging rail holds my jumpers and I bought some boxes to go up there (3 for 2 at pound-stretcher £3.99 each) and put knits in one, zipped in another and hoodies in the last. They can fit between 3 and 4 sweaters in each which is more than I was able to stack on that shelf without them all jumbling up! I just need to do some little labels for the fronts of them. I'll add it to THE LIST! They're all cream but we have a daylight bulb in the bedroom for my shop photos so they look a bit odd!

Here's the finished article....

Strictly speaking I should be on Day 20 - Photos today. But....Sunday was our wedding anniversary so our friend came to visit for the weekend. Except for family he's my longest standing friend (I should give him a chair really) as he's been my friend right from when I first found God and changed my life around. We think we started talking to each other around February last year but he's so precious to me and I count him as my best friend although I know relationships do not always have to be reciprocated and I understand that he has other friends who he may have known longer, be more stronger bound with etc.

p.s. that's me kissing my husband, not my best friend, that would be odd!

Anyway, so he came to visit and I felt it was somewhat unfair to say, Hello, welcome to our house, I'm just going to go and re do my wardrobe! Plus, I don't actually have any of my photo's here, my little sister is hanging on to them for me at the moment and one day I'll get around to going down to her house to go through them with her!

So I've taken both days to do the closet and seeing as the closet took pretty much most of today I'm not feeling guilty at all! Also I'm having a tooth out tomorrow so you have to feel sorry for me, it's the law.....

Tomorrow I might even give you a treat and show you what my best friend's girlfriend sent down with him. You should have seen my was my happy face! Or was it ecstatic face, I can't remember!

Anyway, see you tomorrow for the last challenge!!

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