Days 15 - 18


I bet you all thought I'd given up! No sticking power that girl, is what you thought to yourselves!

Well you're sort of right. I've not done a few of the challenges because we just don't have the areas, and I'm running out of areas to organise!

I'll give you the lowdown on what the last few days have been, then tell you what I've been doing instead of the challenges.....are you excited yet?

(No, changing my blog design isn't one of them, that praise goes out to Benny, although he's right, it is a little 13yr old isn't it...maybe we should explore other avenues and in the meantime you can call me fussy!)

Ok, so day 15 was the medicines/vitamins. Yes that's right, we'd done the 'medicine cabinets', we'd done 'under the bathroom sink' but apparently lots of people don't keep their medicines there so did have another area to organise where they do keep their medicines. Anyway, we don't so I did some tidying of my shelves above my desk, but no pics of them until they're all labelled nicely...ok,maybe one before and after.

As I said, still some more work to be done, but it's getting there. It's all organise, now I just need to get some nice containers to make it all pretty lol!

Day 16 was the fridge, and during the challenge Toni said her fridge was empty....I think my fridge takes it to a whole new level of emptiness if hers is empty!

Here's the before:

I took everything out and cleaned the fridge, including the shelves, drawers and door shelves then put it all back in again. I didn't really need to containerise anything ...for obvious reasons!

Now I've just got to actually put some food in there ready for our weekend guest who's arriving tomorrow!

All of you who've ever been to stay at our house now know the full reality of our fridge before you's not always stocked nicely ready to make any meal your little heart desires!

Day 17 was Mail station organisation. But we rarely get any mail and when we do we just deal with it right away. All the bills come addressed to my husband (hurrah!) so he pays them or checks and files them away. Most of our billing is done online with paperless bills though so he doesn't even get much. The only things I tend to get are nice gifts from people, or sometimes letters from HMRC giving me a tax rebate...hurrah! I can afford new specs!! (my current ones having broken Tuesday evening as we were on the way out of the door to our church Christmas meal - it had been postponed due to the snow- and Dusband has glued them back together, but I do really need to get new ones).

The only other mail I get is things I've bought from ebay and they usually get brought upstairs and used right away as it's normally sewing supplies!

Today is day 18 and it's keepsakes day. We don't really have keepsakes. We do have a box in the attic with these sorts of things, but I'm not keen on trudging up there today to get it down to organise for a very good reason.

Where we live in Wales has been given a grant for free loft insulation for all homes that are privately owned or privately rented. We rent privately. So I gave them a call and got a surveyor round to check and we're entitled to some loft insulation for free! Hurrah! The only downside is we have to empty the loft of our things (which is fine), and those left behind by previous tenants (which is a pain). So I'd already decided that when we empty the loft for the work to be done, I'd go through the keepsakes box and organise it and also go through the wedding memories box and make up a scrapbook or something with all of those bits and pieces in. So I'm not cheating by not doing today's challenge, I'm just postponing it!

Anyway, in the few days that I've not been doing the challenges, I have been doing other things. When we went to our church Christmas dinner on Tuesday we sat at a table with Sam and Roy and we had an absolute hoot! I seriously couldn't eat for laughing!

Although my darling Dusband did pea in my drinking water, we let him off and enjoyed ourselves all the same.

While we were there, conversation turned to why I'd put a photo on facebook of a wrapped pressie and I explained it was because I'd made a little coin purse for a friend of mine and was teasing her that I'd made her a birthday pressie but she wasn't allowed to know what it was.
I showed them some pics as I was very proud of my first effort.

Roy was very encouraging and asked me why I didn't try making things to sell, and I guess he kinda got me inspired.

I'd seen a duvet cover in the St David's hospice shop over the Christmas period through the window and went in the day they re opened to buy it as I though it was brilliant. And only £3.50! For a king size duvet cover! That's a huge amount of fabric by anyone's standards.

And I started to think about making a bag to sell. I looked up a tutorial on how to sew a zippy pocket in the lining here and set to. For the first time I've made one, I'm very impressed with how it turned out!

I did two patch pockets in the other side of the lining.

And finished the bag off how I usually would. For the outside I got some lovely chocolate brown needlecord for only £4 a metre and only used half a metre. Bargain!

I think I need to take some better pics to be able to sell it, and I have no idea how much to ask for it, I'm just ever so proud of how it's turned out! It does need a flower or something on the front of it though, I'll add that to it as soon as I've got a minute!

Anyway, it's almost the end of the 21 day organising challenge. We've only got two days left and we've not done our closets, our dressing tables, our bookshelves or our under the beds. If you want to find out if any of these appear on the last two days of the challenge pop over to A bowl full of Lemons.

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  1. p.s. I did wash the duvet cover first on a hot wash just in case!

  2. A great job on the fridge and shelves! Fab purse

  3. Ah, I love English humor! He pea-d in your glass! I didn't know what a pressie was, I guess it's a purse? Very cute and your quality looks amazing. I would guess you could sell those here for $30 pretty easily....and increase price as you get more "referrals" and people favorably reviewing your handiwork. Good luck!

  4. After re-reading, I guess a pressie is a present? Help, please?

  5. Hiya Kristal, yes a 'pressie' is a present.
    Sammy, what a beautful purse and bag ..... and so neatly done :)
    I'm sure you will sell lots of them, so keep going :) xx


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