Day 14 - Under the bathroom sink


Is what it should have been....but it's not.
Like many of my fellow challengers, we already did these on our medicine cupboard day Saturday so today I chose another bit of organising to do.

Well, it's something I do have to do anyway so it's not really special, but it did need doing. The business accounts...gross....

I do try to do them monthly as the records only stay on ebay for 90 days so it's nice to get them printed out and filed away and recorded on my fancy schmancy accounting software that I can't use but it was free cos we use Linux instead of windows.

Anyway, one short trip to poundstretcher later (Again, I know) and I was ready to get November and December out of the way.

As it happens I only managed to get through November's but I've got December's ready to be input.

Ah, lovely dividers.....

And here we are all nice and filed away with the other hot pink files.

See you all tomorrow for the day 15 challenge at A bowl full of lemons.

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