Day 21 - The Dressing Table


Ignore the fact that it's WELL past the end of the 21 day challenge, bear with me and I'll show you why it's taken me so long. I chose my dressing table.....brace yourselves....

No wonder I always look a mess!

I did the drawers first so I'll do a before and after for each of them.

Make Up Drawer before:

Make up drawer after:

Nails drawer before:

I do so love my nail polishes although if I were to afford a manicure every week I would always choose a skinny white tip. I dunno if it's called an American manicure cos a French one usually is quite a fat white tip. Anyway, whatever it is, I love it but can't afford it!

Nails drawer after:

Hair accessories before:

I did have two small containers in here before, one for my elastics and one for my grips/clips but it obviously wasn't working!

Hair accessories drawer after:

I kept the two small containers and just added the large third blue one for larger clips, flower bands etc. I gathered my 5 bottles of hair product together with the resolution that if I hadn't used it and seen good results within a month I'd throw them next month. I kept my tiny Irish hat clip at the back just in case we celebrate it at church again this year!

Finally, my hair drying drawer at the bottom. It contained mostly just my hot brush and accessories for that hot brush. Here's the before:

Also it contained a highlights kit that I've had since...urm.....about 4 years ago! I decided that if I've not used it in 4 years, I never am going to use it.

Here's the after:

It's not too different but I put all my little makeup bags in here too. I do like to keep things separate when we travel so I like to have a bag for hair, one for make up, one for any necklaces that I'm taking etc.

So, drawers done, what about that's another before to remind you of the horror that it was.


Here's the afters, all lovely and polished and tidy and clean! I still want to make myself something to store my earrings in and I've got an idea....I just have to make it now!

My wires under the table are a bit unsightly but usually my chair lives under here anyway. Plus I use my hairdryer every day and my straighteners more often than not so it seems silly to put them away when I use them so often. They hang on a hoop under my dressing table so they stay out of the way.

My bracelets and dangly earrings hang on a re-purposed mug tree in the corner of a desk and my necklaces hang from a purpose made necklace holder by my lovely friend Benny (who I know features far too much in this blog considering he's not my husband....maybe making this necklace rack DID light a fire....weird!).

Anyway, there it dressing table all lovely and organised! Phew! Roll on the weekly challenges now!!

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