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Having been lovingly nagged today that it's four days since I last blogged I thought I'd share my latest 'Organisationerifying' with you.

I dunno if I told you, but we've been assessed and awarded a grant to have our loft insulated for free as part of the Welsh assembly goverment's grants this year. So we were told we'd need to clear the loft ready. We did say we were available at short notice too so we thought we'd better do it sooner than later.

We've since had an appointment date for 14th February between 8am and 12:30pm.....no late lie in romantic breakfast for me then!

Anyway, so we emptied our junk out and then Dus very carefully extracted the previous millions of tenant's junk almost going through the ceiling at the same time due to the dodgy beams. There were a few large bin bags of stinky old bedding....gross...an old mattress...grosser...(how they got it up there or even why they would think the attic would be a good place to put it I have no idea)...and some old wood. The old analogue aerial was also up there so that came down too to go to the Recycling centre as Wales was one of the first areas of the UK to go digital last March. 

Anyway, we loaded up the car with the junk ready to go to the tip recycling centre and took it when we went past there on Monday. Our own junk prized possessions we sorted through and condensed down quite a bit. We had quite a lot of empty packing boxes as I've moved around quite a lot and know the hassle it is to go and get more boxes when you need to move again so we've flat packed them all and we'll tape them together before they go up again. We've got three boxes of Christmas 'stuff', a 5ft Christmas tree in it's box, one wedding dress (in moth proof, damp proof pink dress bag and a couple of boxes of 'memories' and wedding stuff.

One day I'll get around to making our wedding scrapbook and organising our keepsakes...I should have done it when A bowl full of lemon's Toni told us to in our 21 day challenge, but I wasn't climbing into the loft then!

Although I know that the junk prized possessions won't be in the study forever, it's terrible oppressive and cluttered and makes me feel like we're working all day in a den of clutter!

I might see if the Dusband is feeling energetic over the next few days to get it down into the dining room as we can live with that being full up as long as no one comes to dinner!

Here are the pics, don't laugh too much at Dus' interested yet happy to be photographed face. 

Sometimes I wonder why he has a chair with a back on it, he perches right on the front usually!

My corner is fairly built in because I've got my stock shelves and rail behind me, but usually I feel ok sat in my little den because I can see out into the rest of the office which is nice and open...but this hot mess might need dealing with sooner rather than later!

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