Nutrition Fruition!


That title took me ages to think up....honest it did.....don't you believe me...? Awww, why not? Ok, yes, it's not brilliant.

Anyway, I have a friend that I won't mention in case he gets embarrassed ( I promise no one will know it's you Benny) that humours me with my desire to discuss our digestive systems.

Ever since I was 'rushed' to hospital last year feeling like I was in labour and then told I had a backlog of waste (nice....not!) I have been fascinated with the effects our lifestyle and diets can have on our digestive system and this friend (anonymous still benny!) has kindly let me use him to discuss my favourite topic.

I came across a few tips in a magazine I was looking through today (I like to cut things out rather than keep the whole magazine...less clutter, less dust!) so thought I'd post them so we can all enjoy the tips I have procured today.

I'll start with my favourite of the 5 Bloat Busters:

FENNEL is an anti-flatulence ingredient found in baby's gripe water. Try it sliced in salads or cooked as an accompaniment to fish or chicken.

FRESH PINEAPPLE (you were right benny!) contains bromelain, an enzyme that effectively breaks down proteins. It's a good way to end a heavy meal that would otherwise leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

PROBIOTIC FOODS such as Danone Activia Yogurts (which actually gave me terrible bloating and pain in my tummy....) provide a bacterial strain targeted particularly at digestive health. Good bacteria should far outnumber bad types in the gut to avoid bloating, and a probiotic will also help keep your good levels bolstered.

BEETROOT, BANANAS AND A DAILY GLASS OF ORANGE JUICE will boost your potassium intake, which counteracts the stomach-bloating effects of excessive amounts of salt in the body. Lean meat is another good source of potassium.

WATER is essential to avoid dehydration, which can cause stools (hee hee) to dry out and lead to constipation. A backlog of waste in the system can also cause a distended tum. Boosting your intake of high-fibre foods will usually do the trick. Swap refined white types of rice, bread and pasta for the brown or whole-wheat varieties.

See how I handled all of those tips so maturely and grown uply!

I also came across some tricks on how to eat to beat insomnia so I thought I'd pop those into this little post here too so they're all in the same handy place for next time I can't sleep!

The carbohydrate in bananas may help increase levels of the amino acid tryptophan in the brain, which increases serotonin levels, and in turn can help induce sleepiness. Alternatively, try a carbohydrate-rich slice of toast or a small scone (mmm!)

Sesame and sunflower seeds are rich in magnesium, a mineral that's important for muscle health. Topping up low levels may fight the muscle cramps and involuntary twitches that keep you awake.

This old favourite has the psychological effect of making you feel warm and comfortable and may also remind you of your childhood. These calming feelings will relax the brain so you can fall into a pleasant sleep.

Well, wasn't that both insightful and helpful.....See you next time blog reading warriors!! xx

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  1. Nutrition Fruition is an excellent title, Samantha :D x x


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