Day 3 - The Tupperware Cupboard


Just the other day I bought myself a lovely shiny new pot stand so that we could move the pots out of one of our 4 much coveted kitchen cupboards and put other stuff in there to generally organise things a bit better, so I was muchos pleased when day 3 of a bowl full of lemons' challenge was to organise the tupperware cupboard.

We only really have about 3 tupperware things but they all live in the one cupboard I had yet to organise so really it was perfect timing.

Here's my before:

And here's my after, which is not overly different, but at least it's clean now!

Ignore the steamer on top the cupboard, it's destined for a lady from church who's just got a new house but I left it where it is until she gets her new house nice and clean ready to move in.

Day 3 - Check!

To check out the 21 day organisation challenge, scoot over to A bowl full of lemons for the full details.

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