Day 4 - The Linen Closet


I knew it was coming, I have been expecting it....but when I changed my sheets this morning, little did I realise that a bowl full of lemon's challenge today would be to organise my linen closet.

As it is we don't have a whole closet for linen...that would just be far too extravagant in our tiny little house, but we do have three shelves. The top two shelves of this cupboard are filled with the Dusband's entire wardrobe....I know it's mean of me, but really, space is allocated on a strictly need to hang basis!

Anyway, here is the before photo.....eek!

And here is the after photo:

I used the tutorial at Organizing made fun to learn how to fold fitted sheets (something that's been a bug bear of mine for a while now) and then used the 'Why don't you tip' from Hope Studios to put each set inside a pillowcase so that your whole set is together.

As you can see I've only got one set for our bed, and one single bed set in the cupboard at the moment, the other spare set is currently spinning around like a whoosher seeing as serendipity decided to call today and I've changed the bed this morning!

On the second shelf I have the towels and wash cloths....I'm glad it's not an up close, we really could do with some new flannels! I think my husband wrings them out with an iron grip or something!

On the bottom shelf I usually keep our spare blankets, but a couple of those are also in the wash as we had a houseful again over New Year, so the only one in there is the gorgeously hand crocheted wedding blanket my lovely big sister Lizzie made for us a year ago now! I've got a feeling it'll come back out of the cupboard in a few days though as January keeps getting colder.

Anyhow, without the linen closet hanging over my head I can now go try making a zippy purse.

If your linen closet could do with a spruce up or if you're interested in the 21 day organising challenge, pop over to a bowl full of lemons to check it's not too late to start!

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  1. I LOVE the idea of putting your sheets in the pillowcase. Great idea!

  2. my Mom always puts her sheets inside of her pillow cases. Great Job! :)

  3. Hi,
    You are my random 21 org click for today. It appears you are a very young newlywed! Congrats and enjoy the heck out of life!

    I love your optimistic approach to organizing what you have. It looks great.


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