Day 6 - The Drawers


Strictly speaking, today is the dresser, but to me a dresser is a big kitchen display cabinet where you keep your plates and things so I've renamed this Britishly. If there is such a word. Anyhow, I don't know how she does it, but Toni from A bowl full of lemons keeps on giving the challenges that really,really, really need doing and that I've been putting off for ages!

Today was the chest of drawers...double eek on yesterday's challenge!

Here they are from a distance:

To be fair, they're probably best viewed from a distance!

I decided to clear the top and give it a good old clean before I started's the grossness that came off the top despite me having given them a good clean just...urm....ok the start of December....!

I'm not entirely sure how it gets so grimy as neither myself or my husband smoke....we can't make that much dust can we? Obviously we do.

Here's the after of the top, all nice and back to normal.

Ok, it's time for you to delve into my drawers! (I know, it's worse than a carry on film on this blog today isn't it!)

Top drawer (the one and only drawer I allow my husband to have....see post on linen closet to know space is allocated to each according to their need.....and he just doesn't need it!) Sometimes flowery girly possessions sneak in here, but I blame it on the laundry fairy.

I did have a moment when I opened this drawer and realised the reason my husband's been pantless the last two days (sometimes it's safer just to not ask) is because he's run out of pants! Until I found under a mound of Christmas paraphernalia still waiting to go back into the loft a whole laundry basket full of clean dry laundry waiting to be put away....I KNEW I couldn't be that bad at doing laundry on time!

Anyway, pants retrieved, here is the after:

2nd drawer down is my undies drawer....mess, mess, mess, mess, mess!
I obviously have far too many pants because unlike my husband, I haven't suffered at all from the clean laundry being hidden! Oops!

I was fine with the sock and pants sorting, but tights....gah! I love wearing skirts but during the winter it's far too I have a lovely stash of thick winter tights which I rarely wear because I can't be bothered to fight with the tights monster who lives in the drawer and keeps them all tangled. So...seeing as this is a month for learning, I set to learning how to fold tights. After a few minutes of frustratedly empty searching, I realised I'd have better luck if I searched for how to fold pantyhose...hurrah! Success! I found a lovely tutorial over at The Common Room which I will post after this post showing you how to fold them too! As a result I have a drawer full of lovely neatness!

Third drawer down is my tops and t shirts drawer which is usually not too bad because I don't really own enough for it to become a mess!

Ok, it's still not brilliant really! I had a few battered t shirts in there that I've extracted ready to make a house warming gift for a lady from church who's just gotten her first house, but apart from that it's just tidied. Check out my cool swan scented drawer liners! (Thanks Dad!)

And finally.....the p.j. drawer, one of the most stocked drawers in the house!

And all give a big sigh of relief:

I've been doing these daily challenges with the 21 day organising challenge over at A bowl full of lemons, and I have to say I've never met a more encouraging bunch as my fellow participants!
I've been nicely observing the other ladies blogs and in my own little British way cheering them on in my head...these ladies though are something else! They've been posting on my blogs, encouraging me every day and generally being brilliant...I think it's time for me to Americanise my praise of these daily challenges because it's ever so lovely when you get a little comment from someone saying you've done good work!

So to everyone who's encouraged me so far, right back at ya, you rock!

If you want to check out the daily challenge, hop skip and a jump over to a bowl full of lemons!

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  1. Awesome job! At my house its the opposite with space usage I laugh because my boyfirend has almost double the space I do! I think you'vve inspired me to take some back! :) Keep up the great work!

  2. Britishly. :)

    Great job on your your dresser.

  3. Great job on your drawers. Feel to stop by with a cup of tea. I am sorry I don't have proper tea Britishly.

  4. Im loving your transformation. You did it perfectly!

  5. WOW! What a big improvement! You did a great job...I'm sure your hubby is happy too now that you found his pants :)

    Becky B.

  6. we hve the same pant problem. i know laundr needs to be done when he runs out..

    looks great!

  7. Great Job , cleaning is contagious isn't it!


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