Day 7 - The Pantry


I spent so long drooling over the other ladies' large pantries that I almost forgot to go and do my own!

Here's our one and only food cupboard, which also just so happens to contain the bread maker, scales, mixing bowls and our huge stock of sweets and treats!

I love a bit of galaxy as much as the next girl (ok, probably more than anything else in the world), but seriously, this amount of treats is unreal! We've still got loads left from Christmas which is great as my best friend is coming the end of the month and he loves treats! It's just a win win situation there!

Our excursion to town today threw up these lovely organisation tools for today's challenge from pound stretcher! The jars were £1.99 each or 3 for £5 and the three flip lid containers were £4.49 as a pack so for less than £15 I got all these goodies to use!

Unfortunately when I was washing them ready to use I realised I'd been so busy finding the matching lids that I hadn't thought to check the glass was in tact and two have missing corners! Oops...that's a job for Monday now to replace them. It's ok though, we've run out of bread flour and wholegrain flour so they wouldn't be needed til then anyway.

So, I went through the cupboard and emptied it, cleaned it, threw out what we didn't use/need and put it all back in again neatly using the tubs and jars.

I took my after photo:

and realised it was definitely a case of 'Could do better'.

I snuck the last three of my baskets out from their hiding place under the sink and 'containerised' the baking bits and pieces and finally we're not looking too bad really.

Until I have a lovely floor to ceiling height pantry a girl can only do her best!

7 days down, 14 still to go!

I must say I'm glad we get a day off tomorrow, not sure when I'd fit it in with 2 church services to go to, children's church activity books to do and a pile of ironing/cleaning/tidying!

See you all Monday xx

If you want to check out the challenge, pop over to A bowl full of lemons for all the details.

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  1. This looks terrific! I love the new containers you found.

  2. That looks great. Love those jars. :)

  3. i think you make great use of the space you have! great job

  4. Great job! I'm glad my Day 8 was able to inspire you! =) Once you get the closet organized and the out of season stuff tucked away - it is sooo easy to maintain! =)

    Have a great day!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons


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