Day 8 - The Coat Closet (Who am I kidding!)


Ok, seriously, when we move next time we need to buy a house with at least one closet. These other ladies have tons of closets and I don't even have 1!!

They have linen closets, hall closets, pantrys, coat closets, the whole lot!

Today I chose to do the next best thing to a coat closet that we don't have (but do aspire to own). The hallway has been pretty ick since the week before Christmas. We had about 10" of snow the Thursday before the Thursday before Christmas and I know so cos I went and measured it with my lovely 12" metal ruler. So ner :P. Anyway, since then I've hoovered and mopped each time we have a new set of guests due to arrive (So that was three times) but it's still been pretty bad. It doesn't look too gross from the before pic, just messy, but believe me, it was GROSS! I can't complain too much though, at least Aberdare council put grit down unlike Merthyr, even if it did all end up in my hallway!

So I emptied the hallway, hooked up the triple thickness hall curtain (made from an old sofa throw) shoved the 'magic carpet' (which is so not magic) into the washing machine and got the trusty old vacuum out. Then the lovely Mr Cif joined me in the hallway and we had a splashtastic time of things.
Some disastrously expensive halogen spotlights helped dry things up pretty sharpish though and when it came to put everything back I added a couple of mismatched bathroom mats seeing as now it's warmed up a bit, I think we're set for a month of rain. (I know, I chose to move to Wales!)

Here's the after with a lovely gap left for the magic carpet which is still hung over a radiator dripping it's way to dryness.

I did remove some of the wellingtons, the spade (Still there from digging the boss out on Boxing day), the stinky boot socks and other excess footwear. I added a basket to keep all our random hats and gloves from flooping all over the place and just tidied the coats really....we kinda need them still!

I'm glad coat closets was today's challenge cos the hallway had been on my list for a while....along with my dressing table drawers, craft shelves, office shelves (I work from home), bathroom baskets (I know, it should be a closet!) and a few other random areas. Hopefully we'll cover all of those this month otherwise it might have to be freestyle february!

I'm doing the 21 day organising challenge with A bowl full of lemons and if you want to pop over and check it out click on the button below.

Today's motivation was provided by Peas and Crayons....without this lovely lady, I'm not sure I would have gotten past reading the challenge! Thanks lovely!

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  1. Wow! I can't imagine not being able to toss things in the closet. Of course mine is more of a hole in the wall as there is no door (kids busted that a week after I moved in).

    Good job!

  2. Your entry looks great! I do have a coat closet, but it is a long way from the front door where we come in with coats and boots. My entry looks like yours. Hooks & a boot tray. Sometimes function just has to win! Have a great day!

  3. looks awesome! i dont have many closets. Wish i had more. I do have a coat closet but its at the back door nstead of the front door where we come in.

  4. Closets are a hard thing to live without! I am jealous that you enter your house through a hallway. Our front door is our kitchen and so any visitors know if you have dirty dishes :)


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